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President Trump rekindled the idea of ​​separating the US – China economy

Speaking at a press conference at the White House on Monday (September 7), President Donald Trump continued to raise the idea of ​​decoupling the two US-China economies. He said the US would not lose money if the two largest economies in the world no longer do business with each other.

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With less than two months left in the US presidential election, President Trump, who used China as the focus of his 2016 campaign, continued to draw an even harder stance on the issue. trade with Beijing, according to Reuters.

So when you talk about detachment, that’s an interesting word”Mr. Trump said during a press conference at the White House the day before Labor Day in America. The President also pledged to bring jobs from China back to the United States.

We lost billions of dollars and if we hadn’t done business with them, we wouldn’t have lost billions. That is called fragmentation. Hence you will start thinking about it. You will start thinking about how they take our money and they use that money to build planes, build ships and make rockets and rockets.”Mr. Trump said.

Also in his speech on September 7, President Trump accused Democratic presidential nomination Joe Biden too easy to China. Mr. Trump called Mr. Biden “pawn“Of Beijing and confirmed that the former US vice president will”Give our jobs to China“.

If Biden wins, then China wins, because [khi đó] China will own this country”Mr. Trump warned.

Trump pledged that in the future, his administration would prohibit the awarding of federal contracts to US companies that outsource production in China. He also promised to hold Beijing accountable for the corona virus pandemic that originated in China and has spread around the world.

We will turn America into the manufacturing superpower of the world and end our dependence on China once and for all. Whether it is fragmentation, or imposing large-scale taxes like I did, we will all stop dependent on China, because we cannot rely on China.”Mr. Trump said.

We will bring jobs back to America from China and we will impose tariffs on companies that leave the US to create jobs in China and other countries.“, Mr. Trump added.

Due to the impact of the corona virus pandemic, US GDP fell by 9.5% in the second quarter. This situation is still better than Germany or the UK, but less than Korea and Japan, according to the Financial Times.

The US economy started to show positive signals when recent statistics show that the country has reduced its unemployment rate to 8.4%. Washington also now recovered half of the 22.2 million jobs lost in March and April – a time to blockade the country to prevent the corona virus from spreading.

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