President Trump put China's SMIC and CNOOC on a defense blacklist
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President Trump put China’s SMIC and CNOOC on a defense blacklist

According to the news agency ReutersThe Trump administration is preparing to put China’s top Chinese chipmaker SMIC and China Ocean Petroleum Corporation CNOOC on a defense “blacklist”, restricting their access to American investors.

CNOOC China Hai Duong 981 drilling rig (Photo:

Previously, many sources said that the US Department of Defense had planned to blacklist four more Chinese companies owned or controlled by the military, bringing the number of affected Chinese companies to 35. .

It is not clear when the identities of these new companies will be announced on the Federal List. According to the sources of the ReutersThe list includes China Construction Technology Co., Ltd., China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) and China Ocean Petroleum Corporation (CNOOC). ).

CNOOC is the owner of oil rig Hai Duong 981. China has repeatedly brought this rig to the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam.

The US Department of Defense did not respond to a request for comment Reuters.

This move, along with similar policies, is seen as an attempt by current President Donald Trump to continue to tighten and reinforce tough measures with China.

The blacklist is also part of Washington’s greater effort to target Beijing’s strategy to lure emerging civilian technology conglomerates for military purposes.

In September, The US Department of Commerce imposed restrictions on SMIC’s exports after it concluded that there are “Unacceptable risk” in connection with whether equipment supplied to the company may be used for military purposes.

Reuters also reported last week that the Trump administration is about to announce a “draft blacklist” of 89 Chinese aerospace companies and other companies that have military ties with the CCP regime.

This month, the White House announced an executive order to increase the effectiveness of the list by banning U.S. investors from buying securities of blacklisted companies from November 2021.

Le Vy (Reuters)

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