President Putin warned of world doom

President Putin warned of world doom

(News 24h) – The world is witnessing the weakening of international structures, global conflicts that are likely to increase when the security system degrades.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave a remarkable speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos online.

General Putin watched over the world
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of the danger of a global conflict.

At the conference, the Russian leader raised a number of global problems facing, including the weakening of international structures, exponential regional conflicts and the deteriorating global security system.

Concretizing these contents, the Russian President explained that the global development is unsustainable and the failure to address this key factor will lead to global conflicts.

“Inability and unwillingness to resolve disagreements in international structures in the twentieth century led to the disaster of World War II” – Putin said.

The Russian leader stressed that it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent a global conflict before it breaks out, possibly World War III because “global conflict is the end of human civilization” .

To prevent that horrifying scenario, the Russian leader said that attention should be paid to the unsustainability of global development.

“The primary cause of the unsustainability of global development is largely due to the accumulation of socio-economic problems. So the key question today is to create a logic of action that is not only rapidly restore the global and national economies that were once affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to ensure that it is a sustained recovery in a structured and long-term outlook high quality “- Mr. Putin said.

According to the Russian President, the income gap has increased as a result of globalization and this is a cumulative problem of socio-economic development strategies.

“In recent decades, the income in the developed world belongs to the number of only 1% of the population and in the rest of the population, the income has not increased, while the cost of services has tripled, – Mr. Vladimir Putin declared.

The Russian President refers directly to American and European companies that have made huge profits, making up 1% of the global population.

“Globalization has led to a significant increase in the profits of large transnational companies and first of all US and European companies … If we talk about corporate profits – who does?” get that income? The answer is clear – only 1% of residents.

What else happens in the lives of others? In the 30 years in a series of developed countries, the income of more than half of its citizens has practically been stagnant, but the costs of education and health care have increased, and did you know? How much is it? Triple! “- President Putin said.

Mr. Putin noted that therefore “millions of people, including in rich countries, no longer see the prospect of increasing income”, while they face the problem of how to stay healthy, make sure the kids get an education.

The Russian President warns about the dominance of US technology companies.

At the World Economic Forum, the Russian leader also noted that “digital giants” are playing an increasingly important role in modern society.

“In modern social life, technology ‘giants’ that are above all digital are playing an increasingly important role. Now people talk a lot about this, especially related. to events that took place in the US during the campaign, and these are not merely certain economic ‘giants’, but in particular directions they are actually competing with a State. “- Mr. Putin said at the conference.

The Russian leader questioned whether the recent conduct of certain American companies in the country’s presidential elections increases the likelihood of tougher regulations being imposed.

General Putin watched over the world
US President Donald Trump has been turned away by the “BigTech” series on suspicion of inciting riots in the US.

In the latest development, the traditional Russian regulator Roskomnadzor announced that social networks will be held accountable for engaging minors to participate in illegal protests in support of opposition politicians. Russian Alexei Navalny. The amount of fines aimed at companies ranges from 800,000-4 million rubles (about 10,500- 528,000 USD).

“Social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VK, OK and the YouTube video host site will be penalized for not complying with a request to remove calls for minors to participate in illegal protests. January 23 “- the statement said.

The social platforms mentioned above did not remove a total of 170 calls deemed “illegal despite requests from the Federal Service and the Office of the Prosecutor General”, a statement from Roskomnadzor said.

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