President of Huawei revealed serious damage from US sanctions

President of Huawei revealed serious damage from US sanctions

Huawei's CEO, Ren Zhengfei, said that US sanctions have caused serious losses in the group's revenue to billions of dollars. Huawei estimates revenue for the year could drop to $ 100 billion compared with last year's $ 104 billion, although the group had been confident with revenue estimated at $ 125 billion.

"We did not expect that [bộ máy cầm quyền của ông Trump] To attack us in so many ways, ”Ren Zhengfei said. Even so, Mr. Ren added that he will continue to conduct research and development and will not have any large-scale layoffs.

The CEO of Huawei initially proved disobedient to President Donald Trump's executive order and said that Huawei has complete contingency plans to deal with the ban.
However, the full meaning of the ban became clearer. Google has suspended its license to use the Android operating system, ARM will no longer sell the design for its chipset and many countries stop using Huawei's network device.

Even the ability to access SD cards and Wi-Fi technology is relatively complex, although not strictly prohibited. Ren confirmed that these problems could lead to a 40% reduction in international smartphone shipments, after Bloomberg reported that the company was preparing to reduce it by 60%. The company may not recover until 2021, CEO Ren said.

Even so, the above assertion is still quite confident because Huawei has now been terminated many contracts to provide 5G network infrastructure and is completely in the middle of the race to market "golden eggs". this.


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