President Biden sent more troops to Syria

President Biden sent more troops to Syria

(News 24h) – The United States is increasing its military presence in Syria instead of quickly withdrawing its troops from the Arab Republic as originally announced.

The new administration of US President Joe Biden has decided to increase its military presence in Syria, despite previous statements about the country being ready to leave the territory of the Middle Eastern country mentioned above.

According to the report, the day before from neighboring Iraq to Syria, about 500 US servicemen were deployed, and according to some sources, this figure is far from final expected – in the near future, Washington can send up to 2 thousand US Army troops to Syria.

The Biden statement added more attention to Syria
US troops continue to be strengthened to northeastern Syria to keep oil fields

However, experts say the cause of the US move to Syria is not known, possibly because Washington intends to return to northern Syria after many failed attempts by Washington in the year. last.

It is known that a number of US military bases and observation posts are currently being created on the territory of northeastern Syria to prevent Russian and Syrian Army from entering this part of the Arab Republic, which may just closing the border with Iraq, thus leaving the US Army’s objects and oil production facilities without supply.

Given the current situation, the escalation in Syria could increase dramatically, especially after the US Department of Defense’s first announcement of its intention to oust “Russians” from the entire Middle East.

It should also be reminded that the northeastern region of Syria is home to almost all of the Arab nation’s oil and gas, so it will not be easy for the United States to let go. Before the move, the Damascus government issued a notice demanding Washington to quickly withdraw its troops and respect the sovereignty of the country.

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