President Biden approved the arms deal of nearly $ 200 million

President Biden approved the arms deal of nearly $ 200 million

The US approved the first arms deal with Egypt under President Joe Biden with a total value of 197 million USD.

The US State Department announced on February 16 that the country’s government had ratified the arms agreement with Egypt, after the Egyptian Navy ordered the Rolling Airframe tactical missiles to improve defense capabilities around the Sea Red.

Under the agreement, the US will sell Egypt 168 Rolling Airframe missiles for a total value of $ 197 million. The agreement was passed in the context of the US administration seeing Egypt as “an important strategic partner in the Middle East”.

The Joe Biden administration still allows arms sales to Egypt despite recent concerns about human rights abuses in the country.

Egyptian authorities allegedly mistreated an American citizen when he was arrested in Egypt, and harassed other family members. The Biden administration is still reviewing previously negotiated weapons deals, including a deal to sell fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates.

According to Dan Tri / RT


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