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Prepare to recalculate Tinhte Rewards points, open the Reward Store gift store

In order to ensure equal access to the gift store Tinhte Reward Store for both long-term and refined brothers and sisters, we will conduct calculations and redeem Tinhte Rewards points in the near future. Will pick out a day X, brother's point from X onwards will be reduced a number of times (how much is being calculated), and the word day X onwards then continue to be calculated as currently (1 likes +10 points, 1 comment +8 points, 1 new post +10 points, see more about Tinhte Rewards at this link). This day X will take place before the gift store Tinhte Reward Store opens for all users.


The recalculation of points is necessary to ensure that new people can also buy gifts like the old ones in the context of limited gifts. For example, Tinhte Rewards program calculates a score for Duy Luan nick based on the old interaction, now I have 2.7 million points, I can collect all the gifts alone. But that's not funny anymore.

Also inform you that the upcoming + points for rewards may change depending on the time frame, for example, there will be seasons when you want to encourage you to post, the points for 1 new post will not be 10 but is 20 for example. Some new forms of points are also being built: go offline of Refinement, join a game, use an app … not just a comment like or create a post to earn points.

Any new information I will continue to update with you later.

Duy Luân

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