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Premier League may have 8 clubs to attend European Cup next season

Last night at Wembley Stadium, Arsenal completed an impressive comeback against Chelsea to claim the throne in the FA Cup. With the Gunners, the championship not only has a great meaning in terms of titles, but also helps Mikel Arteta’s teachers and students officially have tickets to the Europa League next season.

Thus, the three representatives of England to attend the Europa League next season are Leicester, Tottenham and Arsenal, while the four teams with Champions League tickets are Liverpool, Man City, MU and Chelsea.

Arsenal won the Europa League tickets after the FA Cup championship (Image: Internet)

The team most disappointed when Arsenal beat Chelsea was Wolves, the team finished seventh in the Premier League. The fact that Arsenal won the Europa League ticket through the FA Cup championship made this team lose interest in the aforementioned arena. Despite this, Wolves still have hope to even qualify for the Champions League group stage next season.

Specifically, the Molineux team will have tickets to the Champions League next season if crowned in the Europa League this season. If this scenario occurs, the Premier League next season will have 8 representatives attending the European Cup, including 5 Champions League football teams and 3 Europa League football teams.

wolvesWolves can attend the Champions League next season if they win the Europa League (Image: Internet)



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