Precision LCD screen, price 129,000 VND

Precision LCD screen, price 129,000 VND

Before the new provisions of the Law on Alcohol Prevention and Control officially took effect, drivers charred about home alcohol testing devices. Digital Breath Alcohol Tester has a price in Vietnam market from only 129,000 VND. This price is quite cheap compared to some alcohol testing products on the market but Digital Breath Alcohol Tester for durability, high accuracy with LCD display …

The product is compact, sturdy handle and easy to use suitable for all users. For those who want a portable alcohol meter to check their breath alcohol level anytime, anywhere, this is an option not to be missed.

Open the box

Despite being a smart electronics device, the box of the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is quite simple. Inside is a black alcohol meter with an LCD display screen, 4 free blowing heads to help users keep absolute safety, a manual book.

The first impression of this product is canned quite carefully, carefully. User manual written in English. If used only for alcohol content testing, no problem. For those who do not know English, it is a bit difficult to exploit the full power of this product.

The product has the exact name is Digital Breath Alcohol Tester – OEM brand from Taiwan.

The back is the part that removes the battery cover. You only need to attach 2 primary batteries for the device to work.

On the left side of the product is a button to help you start the machine.

Below the alcohol meter Digital Breath Alcohol Tester also has a key hook quite handy.

Comes with 4 blowers to help users replace and clean when needed.

After starting the device, the LCD screen allows to display clear parameters, g / l or BAC units. The display shows 0.0 g / l, ie breath without alcohol.

It can be said that the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is a product with a compact design, high perfection. Products with firm handles, LCD screen display clear parameters. Especially designed with the bottom of the product has a hook so it is very convenient. Inside the box also has 4 blowing heads to help users ensure hygiene and easy change their heads.

Try the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

As a person who often has to attend parties, especially at the end of the year, it is difficult for me to decline the invitation. That’s why I bought myself an alcohol concentration meter to help me proactively check it before traveling.

The first factor I care about when choosing to buy an alcohol meter is a compact, high-precision design. Next, it must be an easy-to-use product. That’s why I chose the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester.

In addition to meeting all of my requirements, the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is also very affordable. Only 129,000 dong I was able to own a genuine Digital Breath Alcohol Tester, with full warranty.

Speaking of breath with alcohol, a few days ago a friend of mine drank alcohol from the previous day but the next day the alcohol concentration remained at 0.051 mg / liter of breathing air. When my friend joined the motorbike traffic, he was fined 2 million VND for violating the low alcohol content.

Situations like my friend aren’t too rare. Therefore, there is no reason that we do not buy for ourselves an alcohol meter to actively check before participating in traffic.

Before checking the alcohol content, the device must ensure that the battery is fully inserted.

Before checking the accuracy of the first Digital Breath Alcohol Tester, I inserted the battery on the back of the device. Next, I started the device by pressing the power button on the left side of the product for 1 second, at this time the screen light will light up, accompanied by a ringtone to start the machine for about 10 seconds.

I pressed the engine start button, the screen displayed the word “Blow” and began to blow a deep breath into the engine head.

After the display showed “BLOW”, I started to check the alcohol content of the breath by giving a deep breath directly to the engine, letting the breath last for about 3-4 seconds non-stop until There is a siren.

After the breath is over, the result will be displayed on the LCD screen. This result is displayed for 8 seconds, after which the device emits a beep and switches itself off.

After trying half a glass of beer, I checked the alcohol content, the results show 1.6g / l.

Regarding the mechanism of action, the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester will calculate approximately the amount of alcohol, beer in the blood of a person, thereby giving a specific number. The exact calculation can only rely on a blood test. The unit of calculation of the alcohol content on a Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is mg / 1 liter of breathing air. Therefore, the parameter displayed on the LCD screen of the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester when checking the alcohol content is quite accurate.

Currently, the Digital Breath Alcohol Tester is being sold at VND 129,000.

Product reference link on Lazada here.

Contact phone number: 093 626 9494

Hotline: 08 1616 1266


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