Pre-Order DOOM Eternal, what's the attraction when ordering in advance?

Pre-Order DOOM Eternal, what's the attraction when ordering in advance?

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After the success of Doom In 2016, it is not surprising that id Software continues to exploit this legendary series. And November 22 this year will mark the return of Doom Slayer Eternal Doom.

Is the continuation of Doom, Eternal Doom follow Doom Slayer after he returns to Earth. Discovering that the green planet is being invaded by horror demons, he must continue his work: rolling and ripping off demons.

Doom Internal will bring more improvements, such as a more plentiful arsenal or a new game mode. Overall, this is a product that surely this game's favorite person can't ignore.

So if you can't hold back and want Pre-order Doom Eternal, producers also have small gifts for you. Here, please point them to you!


If Pre-order Doom EternalYou will receive the following gifts:

  • The Doot Revenant skin set is used in Battlemode multiplayer mode
  • Cultist Base Master Level: a remake of the Cultist Base game with new challenges and surprises
  • Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin: gun skin with the original version of shotgun Doom.


Next to the gifts Pre-order Doom Eternal and the regular version is 59.99 USD, the game also has two other special versions.

Pre-Order Doom Eternal


This version will have both physical and digital forms, with the following items:

  • Year One Pass: Two parts to play the campaign with the content about why the Earth star "fell"
  • Synthesis of classic sound effects of in-game weapons
  • Demonic Slayer skin set

Pre-Order Doom Eternal


This "hard to play" version for "hard fans" includes

  • All contents of the Deluxe Edition
  • Tin box with painting is made by designer Grzegorz Domaradzki and Mondo Graphic Design Company
  • Real size helmet of Doom Slayer
  • A disk of clay plus the code for downloading high quality versions of the background music tracks in the game
  • Photo book of the story of Doom
  • "The Gift of Argent Power" sculpture image (11 × 17 inches)

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