Prada produces bags from plastic waste

An Italian style 1980s handbag made from plastic waste in the ocean.

Prada has just introduced a collection of branded bags Re-Nylon Six classic designs for men and women, including backpacks, hip bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, duffle bags (sports and travel bags). Each design costs from 750 USD or more.

These products are made from recycled nylon called econyl, made from pieces of plastic in nylon bags, fishing nets … salvaged from the ocean floor with the help of Aquafil. Over the years, Aquafil has developed econyl fibers in this way. The company estimates that every 10,000 tons of econyl will save 70,000 barrels of oil, reducing 57,100 tons of CO2 emissions during production. Many big fashion houses in the world have used this product of Aquafil, including Stella McCartney and Gucci.

One of Prada’s six plastic bags.

“This project highlights our ongoing efforts to develop an environmentally responsible business,” said Lorenzo Bertelli, head of marketing and communications at Prada Group. Besides, Prada is committed to giving up on the use of nylon completely and only using recycled nylon by 2021.

The plastic waste that goes into the ocean is made into Econyl fabric at Aquafil’s factory.

Part of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to sustainable environmental development projects. The Italian fashion house also cooperates with UNESCO to carry out educational activities, providing students with environmental protection lessons. In addition, Prada incorporates National Geographic as a documentary What We Carry five episodes long. Each episode introduces a section of the material that makes Econyl fibers, which helps the audience to see the recycling plant to understand the process of producing a green, clean, and environmentally friendly product.

Earlier this year, Prada announced that it would stop using fur since the Spring-Summer 2020 collection will be available in September.

Painter Mi / Elle
* Source: VnExpress


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