Practice typing with 10 fingers, effective software for typing 10 fingers

Practice typing with 10 fingers, effective software for typing 10 fingers

If you are planning to practice typing with 10 fingers with the help of supporting tools, the following 10 finger typing software will be a great choice for you. These are the most commonly used software, and most of all, they are completely free.

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Typing with 10 fingers is always the desire of office workers, 10-finger typing helps to type quickly and the productivity of the job will be significantly increased. Let’s take a look at some of the software that supports the most effective 10-finger keyboard typing.

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The software and applications to practice typing effective 10-finger keyboard

1. TypingMaster: Practice typing with 10 fingers, practice typing easily through exercises. See the instructions

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=> Link download TypingMaster

2. Finger BreakOut: Finger BreakOut with another name is 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game, this is a 10-finger typing practice software in the 8th grade student’s learning program. This software has the function to help you practice typing 10 fingers fast. More than just having game play function, through the game lessons, you will practice typing 10 fingers faster.

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=> Link download Finger BreakOut

3. Mario: Pros: Free, Same as Finger BreakOut, 10-finger typing software Mario simulation game to practice typing 10 fingers, in the program you will transform into the character Mario in the game Mario pick mushrooms and perform typing practice 10 finger.

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=> Link download Mario

3. TypeFaster Typing Tutor: Pros: Free, Learn to type 10 fingers and comes with an interactive 3D typing game, helping you practice typing faster and easier. Downloading TypeFaster Typing Tutor for free and use helps you improve your typing ability with 10 fingers.

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=> Link download TypeFaster Typing Tutor

5. Typing Trainer: Like Finger BreakOut and Mario, Typing Trainer Software will help practice typing quickly, supplementing English from practice exercises, games. Special Typing Trainer analyzes user error and progress in detail.

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=> Link download Typing Trainer


Typing Master Pro is currently the most popular 10-finger typing software with professional exercises to help users improve their proficiency in a short time. Here’s how to use the software:

Step 1: Download the latest TypingMaster Pro here: TypingMaster

Step 2: Install the software: Pretty simple, just click Next and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Open TypingMaster Pro, enter a name and press Enter.

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Step 4: Select the lesson and practice in the section Course:

Software consists of 12 lessons, each lesson has 5-7 lessons, each lesson is 3-5 minutes.

– 3 levels of practice:

+ 90% Easy: easy

+ 94% Intermediate: average

+ 98% Advanced: difficult.

– When practicing the right screen Time: Training time and Your Progress: Your level in the current post.

– Part review: The software will provide keys, words you often mistyped, continue to practice them and give results via graphs:

– Part Typing Test: There are numbers or paragraphs for you to test your level, especially you can add (Add) or delete (Delete) the exercises if you want:

– Part settings: Setting:

+ Sounds: sound

+ Speed ​​unit: speed measurement unit

+ Screen size: software size.

– Part Games: 3 games to help you get excited while practicing, you just need to type correctly the words in the Bubbles (WordTris) or Clouds (Clouds).
Practice with TypingMaster Pro persistently, your ability to type with 10 fingers will greatly improve both speed and accuracy. In addition, you can refer to and practice with the keyboard typing software in the “Relevant Soft” section above to improve your typing skills for work as well as study.


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