Portneuf He would have asked a teenager for explicit photos

Portneuf He would have asked a teenager for explicit photos

Deeply in love with her karate partner, a young teenage girl agreed over a period of several weeks to send him sexual photos of herself, despite the immense discomfort she said she felt.

Mégan (fictitious first name) was 15 when she met Eric Brunet in Saint-Raymond in Portneuf since they were part of “the same belt group” at the dojo they attended.

“We quickly developed a complicity and started to text,” testified the young girl in the context of Brunet’s trial, who faces accusations of luring, producing child pornography and of having made sexually explicit material available to a woman. person under the age of 18.

Text messages

According to what she told Judge Thomas Jacques, the exchanges concerned trivial matters, but quickly sexuality found itself at the heart of the conversations. In all, some 1,700 messages were exchanged between the young girl and the accused over a few months in 2018.

“He was making jokes … everything was a bit ambiguous with innuendo and he insisted on having answers,” she told the prosecutor, Mr.e Louis-Philippe Desjardins.

As she wanted “that he is interested in her”, she “accepted” to answer the particular requests of the young man of 23 years. Request he made through the Snapchat app.

“He wanted photos in underwear, completely naked or masturbating … He told me he wanted to spoon me by holding me by the throat”, added the young woman who, at the period, had never had sex before.

Special request

One day, Brunet sent him a picture of his penis, asked him to take a screenshot and then “draw a line” on his member to show him how far she could put it in her mouth.

“In the evening, after sending the photos, I cried in my bed. I just wanted him to love me and show him that I could be mature like people his age, ”she added.

She finally decided to open up to her sister who wrote to the accused telling her to end these exchanges.

“Even today, because I have associated that respecting yourself in bed is equivalent to losing the person you love, I find it difficult to set my limits. When I am asked to do a few things and I don’t want to do it, I panic, ”she added.

Brunet’s trial, defended by Montreal lawyer Me Guy Poupart, is scheduled for the whole week.


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