The portable iPhone may be wiped out on October 15
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Portable iPhones may be wiped out on October 15 – VnReview

In Vietnam, most portable iPhones do not have full import invoices. This would violate Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP effective October 15.

Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP on administrative sanctions in trading, production, and trading of counterfeit and prohibited goods, and individuals trading in smuggled goods will be fined 500,000 to 50 million VND, depending on the price. value of smuggled goods. For violators, the fine level can be up to 100 million VND.

In which, goods without import permits, without going through the prescribed border gates, without doing customs procedures or for fraud in the quantity and categories of goods when doing customs procedures, are in violation of the above decree. .

Besides, imported goods circulating on the market without accompanying invoices or documents … are also classified as contraband.

The iPhone is the most popular technology product sold in Vietnam in the form of portable.

Portable iPhone will be wiped out in Vietnam?

In the field of technology, the most popular laptop product today is the iPhone. The most obvious is that every time Apple launches iPhone, Vietnamese people line up at the Apple Store Orchard Singapore. This only happens to Apple, other technology brands are completely absent.

In the past, the portable iPhone was somewhat more public. Many stores also have a ‘portable iPhone’ sign on their front door“, T. Minh, owner of a mobile store on Le Hong Phong Street, District 10, HCMC, shares.

However, recently, the name of portable iPhone has been replaced by “genuine iPhone” with market codes such as ZA, LL, ZP … representing markets such as Singapore, USA, Hong Kong …

The portable iPhone may be wiped out on October 15

If fully subject to import tax, it will be difficult for portable iPhone to compete with imported goods through official channel.

Surveyed through many stores, most portable iPhones in Vietnam do not have invoices or documents attached. This means that the sale of portable iPhones will violate Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP after October 15.

Want to have a full import invoice, the portable iPhone must pay in full tax. If this happens, it is likely that this type of goods will disappear from the Vietnamese market because traders cannot make any profit.“, T. Tuan, owner of a store specializing in selling portable iPhone in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, said.

According to Mr. Tuan, currently the iPhone 11 Pro Max model with code VN / A (official distribution in Vietnam) is priced at 30 million VND for the 64 GB version. Meanwhile, non-document portable products will cost 25.5 million dong. If the full tax declaration, the portable iPhone will cost about 28.5 million VND. “If it is only 1.5 million dong cheaper than VN / A, customers will find it difficult to choose portable products. Some models even match the price of official distribution”, Mr. Tuan shared.

Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP takes effect from October 15, just in time for the first iPhones to return home.

“This has a huge impact on the portable iPhone market. It is not possible to say anything, but if applied vigorously and synchronously for all provinces, the portable iPhone disappears from the market is inevitable. because we cannot compete on price“, Nguyen Phuc, owner of an iPhone retail chain in Da Nang City, said.

Switch to selling iPhone VN / A and used goods

Currently, the websites of some major iPhone store chains are starting to sell more iPhone VN / A in addition to portable products.

Currently the store is starting to gradually switch to selling iPhone VN / A from distributors like Petrosetco. The purchasing power of this item imported through official channel, though less than portable, has increased sharply compared to the past“, Mr. Minh said.

The portable iPhone may be wiped out on October 15

A seller is livestreaming the first iPhone 11s bought from the Apple Store Orchard, Singapore.

According to Mr. Minh, the profit of the iPhone VN / A code is equivalent to that of portable products but less risky. “If Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP is widely applied, I think all stores will switch to selling this kind of product.“, Mr. Minh said that portable iPhone only disappears when the law is strongly applied.

At the end of May, Petrosetco completed a contract with Apple to become a distributor of defective apple products. Thus, there are currently 4 major distributors including Synnex FPT, Viettel Import & Export, Digiworld and Petrosetco are importing Apple products.

To compensate for the price segment left by the portable iPhone, many stores are focusing on selling used machines.

For customers who want to buy at good prices, we have used iPhones. By nature, Apple has few serious hardware defects and is quite stable, so buying used goods is not too risky“, Minh Tuan, owner of an iPhone store on Tran Quang Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said.

The future of the portable iPhone

In my opinion, it will take a long time for the laptop company to disappear. Buyer sentiment greatly affects this“, Mr. Minh Tuan said.

According to Mr. Minh Tuan, portable products can exist in many different forms.

Psychology of Vietnamese people really want to have an iPhone soon. Meanwhile, Vietnam is not a priority country to sell first. Therefore, the portable products will still be sold while the iPhone VN / A code has not yet been imported. If you have all the papers and taxes attached, the iPhone price will definitely be higher every year“, Mr. Tuan said.

The portable iPhone may be wiped out on October 15

The portable iPhone will still be bought by Vietnamese soon.

Besides, some customers still consider LL (USA) and ZA (Singapore) codes as better quality sources. So, despite the higher price, portable iPhone will still be sold in Vietnam.

However, even with full documents, VAT, portable iPhone is still not covered by warranty if there is no invoice from Apple store.

From 2019, Apple applies a policy that requires an invoice from Apple. Therefore, users need to understand the Apple VAT invoice and sales paper to get warranties are two completely different concepts.“, Mr. Phuc noted that users need to clearly distinguish two types of portable iPhone bills.

According to the Zing

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