Popular gym functional foods

Effective support in the process of gym is currently functional foods. These foods provide the nutrients needed for exercise that the daily foods do not provide enough. So Gym functional foods Which is the best today, let's find out.

1. Omega 3 fish oil

At the top of the list of the best gym supplements currently can be Omega 3 fish oil. This is the food recommended by doctors and nutritionists because of the precious benign nutrients that it brings. again. Omega 3 fish oil is a type of essential fatty acid for every living organism, especially those who exercise every day to burn a large number of calories but can not eat foods with fatty acids indiscriminately.
Omega 3 fish oil can help fight arthritis and reduce pain during exercise. In addition, the food also enhances brain function, helps eyes and assists people in the process of weight loss. The price of a bottle of fish oil also falls to nearly 1 million VND with products with good name and quality.

Omega 3 is fish oil, an important diet for gym people

2. Whey protein

Protein is also a necessary nutrient for the body, but it is difficult to control the amount of calories you consume in a normal diet, direct use is a good way to know how much protein is provided. Whey protein is a best-selling gym food, because it contains amino acids that are good for weight loss by balancing blood sugar.
Whey protein is quite expensive because it contains many good nutrients, about 1-2 million per box. Also depending on the type of Whey protein that high and low prices vary.
The product can be used in the morning, before training and after gym and 1 hour before bed. According to experts, Whey Protein will promote the best effect is used immediately after training.

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Another example of today's best gym food is BCAA. In BCAA, it contains leucine, isoleucine and valine … especially Leucine is an amino acid that helps synthesize protein process and help control blood sugar. Using BCAA, users can best absorb the nutrients in their daily diet. The price of a BCAA box is not too expensive compared to the two types above because most gym foods contain good nutrients for the body and the training process.

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BCAA products are being marketed

It is difficult to find out the type Gym functional foods The best currently available because each type provides the body of the gym with different essential nutrients. You need to rely on your body, see what your body is missing to replenish. Consider both nutrients and price to find the best and most effective product!

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