Popular car market, the war is happy but sad

The segment of popular cars with around 20 million VND in Vietnam is a convergence of many models to join the war, but the market share is not evenly divided, making the war seem happy and extremely dull.

The Vietnamese motorcycle market started a boom period with simple, easy-to-drive digital cars with acceptable prices at the beginning of the 21st century. With Honda Wave Alpha, the Japanese Yamaha Sirius took the fly. Cheap Chinese cars equal to price and quality. In this life and death war, Vietnamese consumers benefit the most because they have access to a much more affordable product, but both the quality and the brand are superior to Chinese cars.

Up to now, the selling price of a digital vehicle that day has “gone up” according to people’s income, around 20 million dong. While names once “on the golden branch” such as Honda Dream II, Suzuki Viva are also localized to bring prices closer to other cheap digital car brothers. There is no Chinese car in the market, but adding more quality options from Suzuki to SYM or Kymco … There are also a few less-known brands joining the narrower market for students. .

The popular digital car segment has exploded since the early 21st century thanks to cheaper selling prices. Photo: Phong Tran.


Up to this point, there are also about 20 digital car models on the Vietnamese market. Familiar are Honda Wave Alpha / RSX, Yamaha Sirius, Honda Future / Super Dream, Yamaha Jupiter, Suzuki Viva or the emerging name Honda Blade that joined the fight a few years ago. More strange are the models from Taiwan such as the SYM Elegant / Angela 50 / Galaxy or Kymco K-Pipe. These are all cheaper digital car models, ranging from VND 16 million, intentionally avoiding the segments of the two big men, Honda and Yamaha.

Why should we avoid it? Despite the crowd, it is clear that the Vietnamese market does not favor all, the war in the popular digital car segment is therefore less competitive when only Honda and Yamaha are in the race. At the same time, the fellow automaker Suzuki had stormed with the Viva for a while also had to stop giving way when the Revo 110 and Viva 115 Fi died because they could not compete. Specifically, right before the death, sales of the first 6 months of the Suzuki Viva 115 Fi only … 137 units.

Therefore, two Taiwan automakers, which are weaker in brand, are forced to create their own segment by placing prices below competitors to avoid price war while selling smaller capacity cars, avoiding the battle over the target audience. That is why SYM only has a Galaxy model with a capacity of 115 cc, the rest of the names such as Elegant, Angela only use a 50 cc engine with a price of around 15 million VND, aimed at special customers. without a driver’s license. The compatriot Kymco is also not better when he only focuses on the K-Pipe line with a not cheap price, but in return for the design as a large displacement motorcycle.

The “tier 2” brands struggled to find their way. Photo: Phong Tran.

Of course, the fight for joy and sadness in the popular car segment has shown up in the numbers. In 2016, Yamaha Sirius alone had 439,000 cars delivered to customers, the rival Honda Wave Alpha was 368,500, followed by the brother Wave RSX 227,000 cars and the rookie Blade 160,000. With the selling price approaching 30 million VND, both Honda Future and Yamaha Jupiter still achieved remarkable sales in the era of the scooter to the throne, respectively 118,500 and 40,000 vehicles.


Meanwhile, the best-selling model of SYM, Elegant, also sold only 30,500 cars in 2016, 13,000 cars with brother Angela 50. As of October 2017, the popular car segment is still very “ stability ”when Yamaha Sirius continues to lead with about 355,000 cars sold, followed by Honda Wave Alpha (about 310,000 cars), Honda Blade with nearly 100,000 cars …

From the above figures, it can be seen that the market share in the popular digital car segment in Vietnam is almost exclusively focused on Yamaha Sirius and Honda’s Wave and Blade series. The rest of the names are just a little color on a gloomy picture.

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