'Pongsungahhakdang' Lim Young-woong-Park Gu-yoon, a warm two-shot glance

‘Pongsungahhakdang’ Lim Young-woong-Park Gu-yoon, a warm two-shot glance

The friendship of Lim Young-woong and Park Gu-yoon attracts attention.

On the 20th, Park Goo-yoon posted on Instagram, “#People met with Park Goo-yoon, hero Woongtsu Woongtsu, and a photo after a long time. I hope that my pretty younger brother will be loved for a long time!^^ The more and more cool heroes are fighting #Lim Heroes #Park Guyoon #Mr. Trotjin #Hero #hero” and a photo was posted.

In the photo, Park Gu-yoon and Lim Young-woong are looking at the camera with bright expressions.

The warm friendship of the two attracted the attention of netizens.

On the other hand, Park Gu-yoon appeared in the 39th episode of’Pongsungah Hakdang’ in which Lim Young-woong is a fixed appearance.

The 39th episode of TV CHOSUN’Pongsungah Hakdang: Life School’, broadcast on the 17th, recorded 12.2% of the nationwide ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and the highest ratings of Bundang soared to 14.2%, firmly keeping the No. 1 throne in all channels of water entertainment.

On this day’s broadcast, trotmen who stepped up to prevent the closing of the’Pongsungahhakdang’ gave a great release of a body gag and a black history of the past, and gave a laugh at the inside.

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