'Pongsungahhakdang' Lim Young-woong "On the ice with my ex-girlfriend..."

‘Pongsungahhakdang’ Lim Young-woong “On the ice with my ex-girlfriend…”

Singer Lim Young-woong recalled the memories of her ex-girlfriend. /Photo = Provided by the Mulberry Academy

Singer Lim Young-woong recalled the memories of her ex-girlfriend. At the 36th episode of TV CHOSUN’Pongsunga Hakdang’, which airs on the 27th, trotmen are expected to transform into’ice men’s gods’ and test the legend’s national representative Lee Sang-hwa and his physical strength and emotions, making the ice rink a field of laughter.

Lee Sang-hwa confessed that he had even texted a vote during the final of’Mr. People are wondering who the Trotman who brought Lee Sang-hwa’s text vote will be.

With the start of the’Pop Hammer Tack’ for a full-fledged physical fitness test, one of the trotmen burst into laughter starting with the humiliation of being knocked out by Lee Sang-hwa in just 13 seconds. On the other hand, Lim Young-woong quickly adapted to the ice and showed off his tireless physical strength as the official physical manager of the’Pongsungahhakdang’. Moreover, Lim Young-woong stimulated Lee Sang-hwa’s desire to compete with Lee Sang-hwa’s leisurely kicking out, and the members who watched Lim’s big success showed surprise.

In particular, in the’Speed ​​Skating Confrontation’ to determine the winner of the physical fitness test, trotmen’s constant laugh-inducing reaction broke out. The site where Young-Tak consistently showed an ambitious appearance on the ice, while Lee Chan-won, the official body of Trotman, showed a’cutty chanto’ with a stride. More than anything else, an unexpected big match was made in the finals, which made the ice rink hot. Who will be the protagonist is drawing attention to the’Speed ​​Skating Confrontation’.

In’Heart Rate Ice Show’, an emotional test that makes Lee Sang-hwa’s heart rate beat, nicknamed as a poker face and ice princess, various stories that trotmen were hiding were revealed and attracted attention. “With her on the ice rink… After confessing his story with his ex-girlfriend, Young-Woong Lim, who was speechless, made Jinwon’s’I’ll fix it’ with a deep sensibility and made even Lee Sang-hwa’s passionate sensation. Interest is gathering about the Trotman who made Lee Sang-hwa’s heart shake.

Reporter Kim Yu-rim cocory0989@mt.co.kr

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