'Pongsungahhakdang' Lim Young-woong, new bookmaker'Woong Director' → What is the story of Kim Hee-jae's'Great Weeping'?

‘Pongsungahhakdang’ Lim Young-woong, new bookmaker’Woong Director’ → What is the story of Kim Hee-jae’s’Great Weeping’?

[스포츠월드=양광모 온라인 뉴스 기자] Young-woong Lim-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae presents a rich’Laughing New Year’s Day’ with the special’Mr. Cooking King tomorrow’.

In TV Chosun’s’Pongsungah Hakdang: Life School’, which will be broadcast on the 10th, the’Pongsunga Institute’s New Year Special’, which has been brilliantly refurbished with new members, a new composition, and new production crews in 2021 will be drawn. The new year’s comprehensive’Honey Jam Gift Set’ is finally unveiled, which is a more upgraded new year’s scale, fun, and excitement.

Above all, Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae appeared as a colorful hanbok New Year’s Beam collection in celebration of the’New Year’ and robbed the eyes. The scenes of trotmen dressed in colorful hanbok, ranging from Young-woong Lim, who shows off the appearance of a scholar full of dignity, to Min-ho Jang, who is a’Sexy Fresh Force,’ warmed the scene. In particular, as soon as Lim Young-woong appeared, he suddenly raised a ‘verse’ to the viewers, causing curiosity.

In addition, a variety of corners, from traditional games such as ticketing and wrestling, to cooking competitions, were prepared, giving a richer attraction. First of all, in the smacking contest, the successive big match between’Trot Jin’ Lim Young-woong and’Vitality King’ Yeong-tak was confronted. Splendid game and focused attention.

In the subsequent wrestling showdown, one player from each team participated in a tight confrontation, and Lim Young-woong, who was cheering from behind, burned her enthusiasm by engrossing in the role of coaching wrestling. Lim Young-woong predicted the birth of a boo-cae’Director Woong’, with perfect intent as a manager, from team member mental management to strategy analysis. As a result, the team member of Lim Young-woong cheered, saying, “There is 1st place behind me,” and it is said that the scene has turned into a sea of ​​laughter.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-jae suddenly hit the floor during a traditional game and wept loudly, and Jang Min-ho broke into the stadium and fired an angry’Antler High Kick’, raising questions about what might have happened to the trotmen. In addition, during the wrestling battle, an emergency situation occurred in which one member was hit by a critical spot due to the explosive desire to fight, and the game was finally stopped, making everyone laugh.

On the other hand, the trotmen couldn’t hide their surprise from the beginning at the super-exclusive scale of the new’Pongsungahhakdang’. Trotmen, who repeatedly exclaimed, saying, “It has changed a lot,” said they couldn’t shut their mouths as they faced the extra-large cooking set in front of their eyes. In addition, when the veiled mission was released, it amplified curiosity by revealing surprise.

The production crew said, “The’Pongsungah Hakdang’, which has been newly refurbished at a previous scale, will finally show its first appearance on the 10th. Please,” he said.

Meanwhile, the first broadcast of’Pongsungahhakdang: School of Life’,’New Year’s special feature, Mr. King of Cooking’ will be broadcast on the 10th at 10pm.

Photo = provided by TV Chosun

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