'Pongsungahhakdang' Jang Min-ho tears, Lim Young-woong "I'm proud to have an older brother"

‘Pongsungahhakdang’ Jang Min-ho tears, Lim Young-woong “I’m proud to have an older brother”

At the surprise party for the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut, Jang Min-ho shed tears in the end. /Photo=Pongsungahhakdang broadcast capture

Singer Jang Min-ho shed tears at the surprise party for the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut. On the TV Chosun’Pong-Sung-A School’, which aired on the 21st, Yeong-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, and Kim Hee-jae held a commemorative party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their eldest brother Jang Min-ho’s trot debut.

Trotmen studied the correct answer of the’fake quiz show’ in advance to deceive Jang Min-ho. Jeong Dong-won even made a cheat sheet and finished all preparations to deceive Jang Min-ho. Jang Min-ho showed a feeling of embarrassment, not even knowing that it was a surprise camera, seeing his younger siblings who correctly answered the correct answer except for himself.

Jang Min-ho, who was deceived by the trotmen’s talented acting skills, belatedly blushed when he realized that it was a special event for his younger siblings.

Jang Min-ho said, “Thank you a lot and I couldn’t live in a single day with the expectation that this day would come. I had a lot of thoughts that it would be too late. I would like to know who else could I share this joy with without those friends. Thank you so much.” Thank you again and again.

Next, the members unveiled the dedication stage for Jang Min-ho. While the members were singing, they each brought out their own special moves under the rule that the sum of the maximum heart rate of Jang Min-ho must exceed 450 to receive a gift. First, Jung Dong-won loved Jang Min-ho’s debut song’I Love You, My Sister’ and opened her life as an uncle, causing the uncles to be heartbroken.

Following this, Kim Hee-jae selected’Sewolah’ and rapidly increased his heart rate with age attack, and Lee Chan-won sang’Drama’ and recorded the highest heart rate of 101. In particular, Lim Young-woong and Young-tak, who have deep ties with Jang Min-ho, each made a stage filled with sincerity and gratitude toward Jang Min-ho.

Lim Young-woong said, “Even though I am not a steamed family, there is no older brother in the world who took care of me like my real younger brother. I am very proud of having an older brother like this. I remember this song.”

Lastly, Yeong-tak also sang Norajo’s’brother’, stimulating the tear glands, saying, “It’s not easy to give warm words while worrying about many things because I’m not my brother. “It’s a song that contains words that my older brother usually said a lot.”

Reporter Kim Yu-rim cocory0989@mt.co.kr

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