'Pongsunga' Lim Young-woong reveals his best friend in college "Bang-woong has changed.[종합]

‘Pongsunga’ Lim Young-woong reveals his best friend in college “Bang-woong has changed.[종합]

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TV Chosun’Pongsungahhakdang’ capture

Lim Young-woong had a nice meeting with his best friends in college.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program’Pongsungahhakdang’, which aired on the 3rd, the appearance of F4 in CA activities was drawn.

In particular, Lim Young-woong met friends who had been with a cappella club during her college days. However, after a long time after’Mr. Trot’, Youngwoong Lim showed a bit of awkwardness to his friends, and his friend said, “It has changed. Pangwoong has changed” from the beginning and made him sweat.

The meaning of ‘Pangwoong-i’ is that zero (0) is turned over as a number. Lim Young-woong introduced the nickname, “Fans are said to be Pan-woong. Fans know all. Jin-Bang-woong don’t know well”, and recalled the memories by kissing again with an a cappella song that he had with his past motives.

At this time, the friends raised their curiosity that they had prepared Lim’s’Pandora Box’. In the words that this is a picture of the past, Lim Young-woong pointed to his forehead, saying, “Oh my God.”

The first picture was taken by Lim Young-woong in military uniform holding chocolate milk. Lim Young-woong said, “I don’t like a lot,” and said, “My friends took a picture when I went out on vacation or staying out,” he drew attention.

Secondly, a photo of Lim Young-woong, who was about to be 20 years old, with bubbles on her lips appeared, making her laugh. In the end, Lim Young-woong began to search for the culprit, saying, “Who sent this?” Then, as the motives’ demands for clarification about the bubble rained, Lim Young-woong referred to the drama’Secret Garden’, saying, “It was a fashion at this time,” and friends teased, “The bubble is also a bubble, but the glasses are like sleeping.”

Friends were also absurd, saying, “You’ve gotten a lot pretty. It’s that you’re handsome around me.” However, a friend said, “I’m sorry for the heroic era (fandom name),” and “I still think I have to convey the facts. I keep asking if it was popular when I was in school. I have been confused for ten years now.”

Videos that were prepared with the motives for past events were also released. After singing songs such as SG Wannabe’La Lara’ with friends again, Lim Young-woong expressed his feelings and added warmth, saying, “After a long time, after I was in sync with my old friends, I thought I wanted to stand on stage with my friends.”

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