Pompeo: The US is back at the Paris Climate Agreement, Xi Jinping laughs all the time

Pompeo: The US is back at the Paris Climate Agreement, Xi Jinping laughs all the time

Speaking at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2021), former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the incumbent President Joe Biden’s announcement of the US re-joining the Paris Climate Accord did. let Xi Jinping chuckle all the time because the United States has undermined its own power.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Image: Video screenshots CPAC 2021)

Pompeo said: “America is above all suitable for the United States, and it suits each of us. America guarantees our freedom above all else. When the United States is fearless, bold, and mighty, the whole world will benefit. “

Soon after, he criticized: “The Paris Climate Agreement is a joke. Everyone wants clean and safe drinking water, but the Paris Agreement is the paranoia of elite diplomats who want to show morality. ”

“And when President Biden rejoins this deal, I can say that Xi Jinping has been chuckling all the time. Because the American workers lost. ”

The Wall Street Journal once published an article titled “Why does Beijing like Biden and Paris?” on February 21, said that the United States officially re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement and won the applause of many European media and people. However, it can be guessed that China (the CCP) is the happiest side, as they know that the pact will limit US energy growth, and Beijing could have a free driver. fee for at least ten years, ie no need to worry about the required amount of emissions to limit your growth.

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The article also states that the Climate Agreement will certainly do great damage to the US economy, but its effect on the climate is equal to zero and nothing has changed. It is foreseeable that Mr. Biden will send his Climate Agreement special envoy, former Secretary of State John Kerry, on a mission to lobby China to reduce emissions, which will please President Xi Jinping.

Because Xi is happy to make empty promises for the future, but he has asked Mr. Biden to give in to Taiwan and trade now. The article said that the CCP would certainly be happy to see the United States actively undermine its economic power.

In his speech on Saturday (Feb. 27), Mr. Pompeo said that Mr. Biden’s motto was to go back to the past (Build Back Better), but let the United States go back in time to apologize to Iran, get back to work. choking the oil pipes (revitalizing the European oil pipeline), turning back to let the CCP take advantage of the United States – that is not possible and the United States must respond firmly.

Pompeo reminded, do not forget that China’s dependence on the United States is greater than the US’s dependence on China.

“America first needs true courage. There must be a secretary of state who dares to get into danger, and then there must be a pro-foreign minister behind it.

Bao Minh

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