Pompeo: Putin, Xi, Ayatollah excited about Biden's weakness on world stage

Pompeo: Putin, Xi, Ayatollah excited about Biden’s weakness on world stage

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Breitbart News that US adversaries such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei have been excited by the weakness that the President has shown. Joe Biden shows off on his first overseas trip.

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Appearing on June 19 on Breitbart News’ Patriot SiriusXM 125 channel, Pompeo commented on Biden’s trip to Europe.

“Both of those trips reminded me a lot of the Obama administration and to be honest, I think they were happy about that when they said ‘America is back,'” Pompeo said.

“We always ask ourselves what is the difference between traveling and traveling with the President. The question is always: ‘What are we trying to achieve? America First is our policy and what can we do for America?’

“If you look at the meeting with Europe, he [Biden] said ‘Yup, we’re going to allow an international organization to tax Americans. Yup, we’re happy to allow the Nordstream 2 pipeline to continue and put America at risk. Yes, we are happy to allow NATO countries not to spend a lot of money on self-defense and the US will cover it. Mr. Pompeo talked about Mr. Biden.

Mr. Pompeo continued: “Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Ayatollah are all delighted with the meeting between Vladimir Putin and President Biden.”

“He [Biden] achieve nothing. He showed America’s weakness. He shows that if an opponent of ours puts pressure on this administration, they are likely to surrender and they will be content to hold a press conference where they smile and say ‘one the world is really pleased with us again’.”

“Obviously, we want to make friends and build our relationships. But what we’re asking for is respect for us and they need to understand that we will protect the American people. That’s the basic thing that President Biden missed when he toured last week.”

Mr. Pompeo said that the Chinese Communist Party – America’s “biggest external threat” – was slowly wiping out opportunities for America because of the weakness of the Biden administration.

“Recall the first meeting between senior officials in this administration and the Chinese in Anchorage, Alaska, where they [Trung Quốc] surprised us to say that our two systems are morally equivalent. And then they sit and watch as President Biden refuses to project American power in the world – America’s economic power, its diplomatic power.” Mr. Pompeo said.

“They study every word. Xi Jinping then said, “I will build from within America.” We have seen this on our territory. I have closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas. They stole our intellectual property and tracked us down. I have not seen this government [Biden] prepared to take any real action against the biggest threat from outside the country – the biggest threat from outside the country – that is the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think Xi Jinping sees this opportunity. He sees that he is having the next four years with a President who is unprepared to react and defend himself.

“I will give you another example: They refuse to do anything to hold China accountable for the Wuhan virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. That’s what Xi Jinping sees, and it doesn’t work well for American security with President Biden’s leadership.”

Former Secretary of State Pompeo also condemned Biden for criticizing former President Trump’s supporters while in Europe and falsely claiming that the biggest threat facing the US was climate change.

He said it was “really odd and unusual” for Mr Biden to spend so much time on an important international tour bashing his domestic political opponents.

“Recall, when he met military officials on the first stop of the trip. He looked young soldiers in the eye and told our air force and marines that national security is the most important issue in the world, according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the As a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, is the Green New Deal and climate change.

“It was a bad start to a trip where the nation’s hard power should have been on display. Our enemies are staring at us and questioning: “Will they [nước Mỹ] Will they defend themselves or do they just go to the parties in Brussels and sign deals, pretending that reducing carbon emissions is their highest priority?”

“This is a real risk. America has been strong for the past four years. Everyone understands exactly where President Trump and I have been on these issues, and we’ve made America safer because of it. Biden, on the other hand, travels the world criticizing Republicans and supporters of President Trump. It’s really out of the ordinary for a President to behave when they’re abroad.” Mr. Pompeo commented.

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