Pompeo at CPAC: The Trump administration is 'bold and fearless defenders'

Pompeo at CPAC: The Trump administration is ‘bold and fearless defenders’

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in his speech at the 2021 Right-Wing Political Action Conference (CPAC 2021) on Feb. 27 asserted that the Trump administration, despite facing strong opposition, had “fight hard“On almost any front. He also asserted that the Trump administration “has actually reversed the situation“America and”daring and fearless defenders“.

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Over the past few months, we’ve been called clowns, bad guys, ignorant, backward“Mr. Pompeo said. “Some people said I was secretary of state [Mỹ] worst of all time. Since I last met you, neither China nor Iran have appreciated me“.

However, Pompeo said, “we are already in a fierce resistance to socialism and cultural abolition. We were protesting when we saw our freedoms and our freedoms wiped out … We fought fiercely on almost every front.“.

Abolishing the right to peaceful assembly is contrary to what our founding fathers understood America“Mr. Pompeo said.

The former secretary of state also outlined achievements under the Trump administration, including the protection of American workers and jobs.

‘America first’ is true for Americans. Around the world [cũng] will benefit when America is not fearful, daring and strong ”Mr. Pompeo said.

We bring African Americans, Asians, Hispanics in, everyone back to work. President Donald Trump did. We understand that’s important. We’ve focused on the economy to get Americans back to work. We do that too through protecting our borders, giving Americans the chance to earn high salaries and take care of their families.“, Mr. Pompeo pointed out.

He emphasized that the hallmark of the Trump administration is “we are daring and fearless “.

Mr. Pompeo also condemned the Democratic Party, saying that it “pretended they were interested in jobs in the US, but before they sat warm, they destroyed 10,000 jobs in the oil pipeline.“. Mr. Pompeo wanted to mention that the Biden administration stopped the Keystone XL pipeline project, causing the labor of the US energy industry to lose tens of thousands of jobs.

He also mocked the recent statement by former Secretary of State John Kerry, now the Biden-era climate change envoy, that people who lose their energy jobs will be able to work in solar panel manufacturing.

Ask the kind people in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas, or South Dakota, or Pennsylvania, do you think petroleum engineers and miners will make solar panels?Mr. Pompeo asked.

You can predict cheap solar panels from China starting to flood [Mỹ] And that would be bad for the United States of America“Mr. Pompeo said.

The left seems to care for the poor, then side by side with union bosses against workers.“Mr. Pompeo said.

Pompeo added that the Trump administration enforces “restrained foreign policy“But love needs to be ready to be tough.

He also emphasized that Mr. Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change and “protecting the American people, the Israelis in the Middle East“.

Pompeo praised the Trump administration’s successes in the Middle East, including the Abrahams Agreements that help normalize relations between Arab states and Israel’s Jewish state. He also welcomed the Trump administration’s tough stance toward China and North Korea.

North Korea has not tested long-range ballistic missiles and it has not tested nuclear weapons“Mr. Pompeo said. The former secretary of state added that thanks to Trump, the United States destroyed General Qasem Soleimani of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Most leftists will still not admit that it’s a good thing to suppress the world of terror“Mr. Pompeo said. “[Nghị trình] America first needs real courage. It needs the Secretary of State to interpret and implement the true nature of this agenda and get the support of the president.“.

Mr. Pompeo also received a standing ovation from those present listening to his speech at CPAC 2021 when he said his job was to prevent US taxpayers’ money from being poured into abortion operations in Vietnam. and that he worked to ensure border security and to protect people’s gun ownership.

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