Pomegranate sister Yuan Qiongdan, who lost her boyfriend Lin Zhengying and married into a wealthy family, has now become a big wife
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Pomegranate sister Yuan Qiongdan, who lost her boyfriend Lin Zhengying and married into a wealthy family, has now become a big wife

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An extraordinary figure appeared in the Hong Kong film and television circle in the 1990s. He created the precedent of nonsensical movies in one fell swoop and injected new vitality into the Hong Kong film market, which was then economically sluggish.

Among the classic works he starred in, there are first-line celebrities with outstanding acting skills and goddesses of temperament, but there is another type of role that cannot be ignored, that is, the “harlequin” in the film.

For example, Hong Kong actor Li Jianren, he is the Queen’s Harlequin in Stephen Chow’s movies. He is most famous for playing the role of the ugly “Flower”. Her nose picking has become a constant signature action for twenty years, and it is still impressive.

And the one we are talking about today, she is also a harlequin in Stephen Chow’s movie, and once starred in “Sister Pomegranate” in “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”.

Her exaggerated makeup and nonsensical movements, especially the mouth full of lipstick, made many people’s stomach hurt when they laughed. She is Yuan Qiongdan.

And her love life has also become people’s talk after dinner.


In 1963, Yuan Qiongdan was born in a wealthy family in Hong Kong.

Her family has a large population, with 5 siblings, she ranks third.

Her mother’s patriarchal thoughts were serious, and she especially liked her younger brother. Therefore, she was often ignored by her mother and did not receive much care. This also allowed her to gradually develop a carefree boy character.

When she was in the first grade, her mother had a craniotomy, which caused her to lose part of her memory.

When she was a child, she was not only not ugly, but also a very sign. She was followed by bad guys. When she found out, she turned her head and stared closely at the other party, then kicked directly to the other party‚Äôs “key parts” and shouted ” “Indecent” to scare away the bad guys.

She said that she is not the kind of person who is bullied by others and suffers silently, and that she must learn to protect herself.

Yuan Qiongdan’s academic performance is also very good, and her ideal is to become a lawyer, never thought of becoming an actor in the future.

Her father was a sculptor, so her drawing ability was very strong. At that time, she was preparing to apply for the design college to study jewelry design, but she failed.

Not far from the industrial school are TVB and Asia Television. Shortly before graduation, TVB came to the school to shoot in order to promote the future development of computers.

Yuan Qiongdan is tall and tall. When the camera saw her, she stayed for a long time. When she got home, she saw her figure on TV and thought it was pretty good, so she wanted to try to be an actor.

When applying for TVB, Yuan Qiongdan had no experience and lack of preparation. The teacher asked her to read a line, but she read it again with a stiff expression and was not accepted.

After returning home, she began to analyze her own shortcomings, and then applied for ATV. This time she successfully entered the ATV Artist Training Class with her super imitating ability.

That year, when she was 19 years old, she officially embarked on the road of acting.


When she first arrived at the training class, Yuan Qiongdan suffered a lot. Once, she received a scene. After arriving at the scene, the deputy director was very busy and had no time to take care of her.

She walked into the dressing room alone, thinking that someone could come and help her make-up, but no one came after waiting for a long time. Later, when she learned that she was acting as a maid, the makeup artist hurriedly finished the painting for her. Makeup, at that time she secretly decided to become an excellent actor in her heart.

When Yuan Qiongdan was 19 years old, she was still a young and beautiful girl, so ATV portrayed her as a beautiful girl.

But she hasn’t been famous for a long time. In order to make a breakthrough in her acting career, Yuan Qiongdan decided to remodel and try a different role.

Finally, she ushered in a turning point in her career. In 1991, she and Stephen Chow co-starred in the movie Fighting Back to School and played the role of a geography teacher in the play.

This drama brought her into the field of comedy unexpectedly, and her excellent performance in the drama also made her and Zhou Xingchi forged an indissoluble bond, and was appreciated by director Chen Jiashang.

The following year, she starred in the “Wu Zhuang Yuan Su Qier” directed by Chen Jiashang, and played the role of “The Old Bustard” in the play, which showed her comedy talent to the fullest. Since then, she has played many roles of the same type.

Her acting skills have been greatly improved, and she starred in “Sister Pomegranate” in “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”, which brought her career to its peak.

At this time, her appearance has brought ugliness to the extreme. The unique image design of buck teeth and sausage mouth has become an unsurpassable classic in the hearts of the audience.

Yuan Qiongdan, who played the role of “Harlequin” and became famous, has been in constant filming since then, and she has found her own position and gradually gained a place in the entertainment industry.

Yuan Qiongdan has starred in many popular film and television blockbusters, such as “Judgment Dead Officer”, “Nine Grade Sesame Officials”, and “Feng Shen Bang”. Through his wonderful interpretation in the play, he is deeply loved and supported by the audience.

She has achieved little in her career, but her love life is quite bumpy.


In 1995, when Yuan Qiongdan appeared in “Zombie Daoist”, he met the actor Lin Zhengying in the play.

Lin Zhengying is not particularly handsome, and she is unsmiling and serious in the crew. People in the whole crew don’t dare to approach him, but Yuan Qiongdan was attracted by his coldness and approached him, launching a passionate pursuit of her.

Lin Zhengying had a failed marriage, 11 years older than Yuan Qiongdan, but Yuan Qiongdan didn’t care.

During the long time together, the two of them became more and more intimate. During the filming, they had a kiss scene. Lin Zhengying couldn’t let go because he was shy, and Yuan Qiongdan pressed Lin Zhengying against the wall and excited him. kiss.

After a kiss, Yuan Qiongdan also moved to Lin Zhengying’s home, and the two began a sweet life.

However, the happiness did not last long. Lin Zhengying was diagnosed with lung cancer. In order not to hinder Yuan Qiongdan, he took the initiative to break up and refused to let her find himself.

In order not to be disturbed by the outside world, Lin Zhengying moved to a small ruined house in the country, and Yuan Qiongdan looked for him like a mad, but there was no news of him.

In 1997, Lin Zhengying passed away at the age of 45. At his funeral, Yuan Qiongdan broke into tears and insisted on thanking every guest as a survivor.

She was too late to get out of the sadness of losing Lin Zhengying, and it was not until 2001 that she started a new relationship.

Under the introduction of a friend, Yuan Qiongdan met Huang Naiyang, a wealthy businessman. With his company and care, the two gradually came together.

In 2004, Yuan Qiongdan and Huang Naiyang registered their marriage in the United States, and she was 41 years old that year.

After marriage, Yuan Qiongdan did not want to have children, and started a sweet life with her husband, becoming Mrs. Kuo.

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