600 young men squeezed each other in the nightclub despite COVID-19, the police broke the door with axes - photo 1

Police use ax to break the door, raid nightclub with 600 people dancing World

Follow ReutersThe raid was launched on Saturday, March 13.

With axes and rifles, police broke the door of the nightclub in Capao Redondo district (Sao Paulo city) at dawn.

Nearly 600 young men covered their faces with their hands, huddled on the dance floor when the police turned off the music and arrested the head of the nightclub.

“I can’t imagine hundreds of people in a place with no windows and doors tightly closed,” said Eduardo Brotero, a policeman.

Photo: Reuters

The city of Sao Paulo is currently imposing restrictions as the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Brazil continues to rise sharply.

However, many Brazilians continue to ignore local government regulations. Brazil’s President himself – Mr. Jair Bolsonaro – also said that a blockade or closure is not necessary.

The COVID-19 outbreak has killed about 12,000 Brazilians in the past week, more than any other country.

With a total of 275,000 deaths and more than 11.4 million cases, Brazil currently ranks second in the world in terms of deaths and COVID-19 cases, behind only the US, where the rate of disease spread is declining significantly thanks to the extensive immunization program.

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