Poland tries to stop Nord Stream-2

Poland tries to stop Nord Stream-2

Poland’s leaders are trying to find a meeting with US President Joe Biden just before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, Poland’s Rzeczpospolita newspaper reported.

Poland has no gang chan Nord Stream-2
Poland as well as Ukraine are looking forward to meeting Biden before the US-Russia summit.

Accordingly, Polish President Andrzej Duda seems to have a lot to say to Mr. Biden before the US President agrees on some views with the Russians.

Poland will probably repeat its position on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project of Russia and Germany, and object to the US being able to block but abandon this effort. .

According to data obtained from independent sources, US President Joe Biden did not send notice to Poland about the intention to cancel sanctions on companies and individuals in Europe of the Nord Stream-2 project. Just as President Ukarine expressed surprise at this news through a press release, Poland seems to fear a scenario where the anti-Russian outpost could be shaken in Europe.

The media emphasized that the Polish authorities fear that the US action will set a precedent and will determine the attitude towards Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe in the future.

Warsaw also cited the “cold and strained” relationship with Washington. In this connection, the best way to dispel Polish concerns would be a private meeting between President Andrzej Duda and his counterpart Joe Biden on the occasion of the NATO Summit in Brussels on June 14, two days before the start of talks between the US and Russian leaders in Geneva, the newspaper wrote.

The fact is not too wrong that Poland from the beginning hastily reacted to Mr. Biden’s cancellation of sanctions on the European components of this project.

According to a member of the European Parliament of Poland, the Nord Stream-2 project is threatening Poland and the country feels offended about the joint Russian-German project.

In sharing with Poland’s wPolityce portal, Polish European Parliament member Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said that the US response, which is the last hope to prevent Nord Stream-2, was not introduced. out.

“The fate of Nord Stream-2 will still be fulfilled. The US sanctions show the last hope for the project to be stopped,” commented the delegate for Poland.

The Polish politician also announced the need to increase the country’s defense budget due to the threats behind the appearance of the gas pipeline. However, Mr. Saryusz-Wolski did not specify whether Nord Stream-2 would pose any danger to Poland other than competing with it in supplying energy to Europe.

In his statement, Mr. Saryusz-Wolski also criticized the US for making concessions in relations with Russia.

Before the US side announced its position with Nord Stream-2, Poland and Ukraine have repeatedly issued statements that have long warned about the dangers associated with the construction of Nord Stream-2, Politico reported. .

“We respect Germany’s right to express opinions. But we also strongly believe that projects of this type cannot be viewed narrowly through the prism of bilateral relations, but should be instead approach from a broader perspective for the benefit and security of the whole of Europe,” both ministers said in a joint statement.

With the belief that the US is the last outpost to stop the Nord Stream-2 project, now Poland and Ukraine are two countries that show the surprise and tension clearly in the new US strategy towards the European ally. .

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