Pokémon Presents – A new Pokémon event tomorrow !!!

Pokéfans and Pokémaniaques, the date you were waiting for has finally fallen! For a few days now, the Pokémon Company has imposed itself in the memory of fans of Pikachu and other critters by bombarding social networks with numerous messages to remind people that the anniversary of its flagship series is imminent. Indeed, in 3 days, Pokémon passes the milestone of a quarter of a century, a certain age which, according to the groupies, could foreshadow the announcement of a new game. These should quickly be fixed since the company has just announced a new episode of Pokémon Presents.

Effectively, tomorrow (Friday February 26) to 16 hours (with us), Tsunekazu Ishihara (or another of his friends from Game Freak or the Pokémon Company) go grab the microphone for a presentation which could advertise a lot, the program in question to last about twenty minutes. If we can imagine that the fellows will reconsider the success of their franchises and will recall the arrival of titles like New Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Unite or even Pokémon Sleep, forecasts and other speculations are rife and many fans dream of the announcement of a possible remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, diptych whose remake exists in the collective imagination of the most passionate Pokéhooligans …

Otherwise, knowing that this is a video presented by the Pokémon Company and not by Nintendo directly (which implies that the show will be found on Pokémon’s YouTube account and not that of Big N), it It is also possible that this presentation evokes mobile games or even the Pokémon card series. It is also possible that this presentation does not talk about games and focuses on the latest film (whose French release date is still unknown), new goodies, Pokemon cards or accessories. That said, that doesn’t change anything, we’ll be quickly fixed.

Here we are, we have been cautious and we have mentioned everything that seems possible to us, but what do you think? Do you have any expectations? Would you like a new Let’s Go Pokémon? Share your opinion in the comments! This Pokémon Presents will be available tomorrow at 4 p.m. on the Pokémon YouTube channel.


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