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Pokémon Masters – Alakazam dispenses its Psycho-therapies

DeNA announces the upcoming arrival of Morgana and her Alakazam in Pokémon Masters.

Did you have only one desire for this weekend? Spending time searching the streets for chromatic Abra in Pokémon GO? Was the cancellation like a stab to you as the country closes? Indeed, while our beautiful nation protects itself and people crowd in the aisles of supermarkets to plunder the food and hygiene shelves and that reigns, gloomy, an atmosphere of apocalypse moderately controlled (when it is enough to simply wash your hands), Pokémon Masters will allow the Psy Pokémon (yes, it’s its title in the Pokédex) to appear with his most illustrious mistress.

It is through the Japanese Twitter account of the DeNA application that we learn of the imminent arrival of the champion of the city of Safrania, Morgane, accompanied by her Alakazam. It will swell the ranks of Psy-type monsters already available in the game such as Mewtwo, Psystigri and Symbios (both 5 *), Xatu (4 *), Seleroc, Solaroc and Mew (3 *). If no date has been announced yet, the pair could arrive on Tuesday as many events are running in the application at the moment (the possibility of unlocking Red and his Charizard, the return of the event of Giovanni and Mewtwo as well as the Villa de Combat) end on this date.

As for the duo, little has yet filtered. If we can find out below in the tweet mentioned earlier their duo strike, we can also observe that the Pokémon will take its mega-advanced form following this attack and that the champion will wear her outfit appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver , outfit she still wears in Pokémon Let’s GO (despite a makeover when it appeared in the 4th generation). However, no news of the whip it used in Pokémon Red and Blue.

If that’s not enough and you still want to go out to capture Pokémon in PokéGO, don’t forget to wash your hands and don’t kiss anyone. Good luck to all.

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