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Pokémon GO – Ultra Bonus kicks off today

Niantic was waiting for them at the turn, fans answered the call. Last week was the Pokémon GO Fest, an annual celebration used to introduce new monsters and meet trainers. Only, the news of this year being what it is, Pokémon GO had to be renewed and it is therefore a global challenge that has fueled the flame of the players, that and the promise of a great reward.

This reward, here it is: the Ultra Bonus; and it starts today for those who bought the Pass as well as for those who haven’t (the GO Fest Pass, eh?). The reward will be distilled over 3 weeks, each with a specific theme. From today until Friday August 7, you will be able to meet many Dragon-type Pokémon (or dragon monsters) in nature and in the eggs 7km. Hypotrempe, Minidraco, Tylton and other Alola Noadkoko will line up to meet you and eventually join your arsenal, both in their “vanilla” and chromatic forms.

You like challenges. So complete the Special Surveys! Temporary missions will be offered to players to meet more dragons and, for the lucky ones, the shiny form of Solochi, the shiny introduced this week. Finally, we should add that Rayquaza will celebrate its return to the Raid 5 *.

Do you like chromatic monsters? The 2nd week should make you see stars! Indeed, this one will be devoted to critters from elsewhere (and 2-3 exceptions). If we will of course find Mélofée and family, Seleroc and Solaroc as well as Balbuto and Archéomire, you can also discover Lewsor and the shiny forms of Stari, Staross and Deoxys (which will make a comeback in the Raids)… Difficult to make a more star-studded cast than that. All these beautiful people will be present on the map, in the Raids and some in the 7km eggs.

Finally, during the last week, taking part from August 14 to 21, it is the monsters of Unys who will be honored. And this will be an opportunity to introduce a lot of strangers. Indeed, Farfaduvet and its evolution, Emolga, Larveyette and family but also Frisian will accompany the beginnings of Genesect in its “free” form (it was available for a time for those who had paid for an event pass). Hunting it will also allow you to perhaps meet its chromatic form just like hunting the monsters of the Nodulith family. On the other hand, bad news (unless you live in New York and we do not envy you right now if you are), if you were eager to add Frisian to your Pokédex: this Pokémon will be exclusive to the city (you need what it takes to boost local commerce).

So there you have it, summer being particularly hot this year, remember to hydrate yourself well when you hunt and don’t forget your mask and barrier gestures. And if it bothers you, do it for others when you play Pokémon GO.

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