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Pokémon GO learns the language of flowers for spring

A new event revolving around spring and its holidays will soon take place in Pokémon GO.

The virus continues to spread and is forcing more and more countries to take containment measures. After a little more than 2 weeks now, it becomes difficult to remain cloistered between 4 walls and to let gloomy news bulletins on television. Therefore, many of our neighbors are brainstorming to find new ways to have fun while developing between 4 walls: bodybuilding, painting, studies … That said, we may not be able to get out easily (and without reason) , the calendar continues its march according to the seasons and events and despite common sense, this is also the case for Pokémon GO.

The Niantic application, still looking for ways to keep its servers active, continues to offer solutions to allow players to progress within the game and multiplies gameplay reforms and events. If we’ve just had a special event dedicated to creatures cradled in the art of sham for April 1 (and ending April 7), from the 9th, it will be the turn of the Pokémon that best accompany spring to make their debut.

So, if you decide to hunt in your apartment or house, it is possible that you will come across many Wattouat, Poussifeu, Marill, Leveinard or even Noeunoeuf near your bathroom! That’s not all, not far from the kitchen, Pikachu and Laporeilles wearing flower crowns could take you in pincers. If you regularly go back and forth between these 2 places, it is possible that you will hatch eggs (especially since the distance to hatch them is always divided by 2). Well if they are 2km Eggs, you can see them coming out of Riolu, Ptiravi, Goinfrex, Debugant and Korillon. On the star side, it will be Pichu and Togépi who can also be crowned with flower crowns.

Of course, an event in Pokémon GO systematically promising new shiny and elements of customization for your avatar, it will be no exception. Noeunoeuf being one of the stars of this celebration and the calendar being where it is, it is of course the latter that can be encountered in its chromatic form. Regarding your look, fashionistas will be able to offer outfits in the colors of Togépi. Finally, let’s add that Aload’s Noadkoko and Azumarill may be encountered alongside Nanméouïe as exclusive Field Study awards during this period.

Here, this whole program will run from April 9 to 16 in Pokémon GO. And you, how do you take care during this confinement? Remember that until the end of the event on April 1, you can cross Cradopaud and Simularbre in their chromatic forms.

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