Plowing for more than 3 years, the creator of Mario Maker has not yet been able to break the level created by himself - Photo 1.

Plowing for more than 3 years, the father of Mario Maker has not yet been able to break the level created by himself

The father of the Mario Maker game, Braden Mooor must have a rather super brain, but is in the creative field, not the extravagant gaming skills. It takes 3 years and 2,600 hours, Moor is still trying to defeat Trials of Death – a map in Mario Maker that can push players down into desperate depths. Moor's journey began in December 2015, more than three years before Nintendo announced Mario Maker 2. And now, he has not been able to complete Trials of Death.

In Mario Maker, the player cannot launch a new level without proving it can be destroyed. A level that is difficult to create is easy, but Nintendo also requires players to complete that level.

Try watching a Trials of Death screen, you understand why it is so unbeatable. Players must stretch their brains to overcome an obstacle basket for 8 minutes. This is clearly a long time to stand in a dense trap system without making any mistakes.

A screen to play brain hack in Trials of Death

Trials of Death is influenced by the "kaizo" design (rearrangement) and is in a separate category. Moor described his level like this:

“Imagine that there are two levels of kazio. Kaizo A and B. Assume that both levels are equally difficult and each level is about 1 minute long, each level takes about an hour to defeat. So what happens when 2 levels are combined into 1 (there is no checkpoint to save the game). So it will take about 2 hours to complete? No problem. You will have to spend an hour just to have a chance to play to the second level. Perhaps you will gradually improve your skills and have a chance at the second level in a shorter time, but the difficulty remains. Increasing the length of the level does not increase the difficulty, but multiply it. ”

At first, Moor thought it would take 500 hours to destroy Trials of Death. In early 2018, he hoped for "a new era of effort, process and a hopeful victory". But life is not a dream.

Trials of Death has not yet been conquered while Mario Maker 2 has been released for over a week. But Moor doesn't seem to care about the new game.

"Many people want me to break the island before Mario Maker 2, but it's a fictional deadline– Moor shared. "Trials of Death has been and is always my own project. Maybe it will be completely separated from the game".

Moor's most recent Trials of Death conquest is on July 6. He will soon return to the stream and be confident that one day, this level will be defeated.

"There will be a day that will happen"- Moor writes in January."And it's still hard to imagine that".

Source: vice

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