Play music to improve attention
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Play music to improve attention

The benefits of music for the human brain are many. Some studies have suggested that music training improves blood circulation in areas of the brain involved in language processing. Still others have shown that listening to music can even “motivate” the brain to learn by stimulating certain neural networks.

New research also indicates that music training can also affect attention control. Researchers from the University of Chile in Santiago examined the link between musical training and attention. In an article published by the journal Heliyon, they explain that the brain’s attention system is made up of three subsystems, each with its own neural network. These three subsystems correspond to alert, guidance and executive control networks.

The brain alert network keeps us readyforthe action. The referral network helps us to distinguish between informationsensory relevant and irrelevant and helps us focus. The executive control network helps us to block distracting information and is also involved in “attention control”.

Stimulate the brain

For their study, the researchers asked 18 professional pianists and 18 non-musical participants to take an attention test. Conclusion: the attention control improved proportionallyatnumberyearsoftrainingmusical some participants.

Professional musicians are able to respond more quickly and precisely to what is important to accomplish a task and focus, and to filter more efficiently thestimuliuninteresting than non-musicians. Scientists say discoveries add to mounting evidence that music training stimulatestheskillscognitiveextramusical“.

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