Play games on iPhone and iPad with the Dualshock Playstation 4 handle
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Play games on iPhone and iPad with the Dualshock Playstation 4 handle

Add a gaming handle option for iPhone and iPad from 2 major brands making game consoles as Playstation and XBox. Now you can use your iPhone and iPad to connect to Bluetooth with the PS 4 and XBox One S gaming handles without having to go through the third-party installed app from Cydia. With the advantage of fast, simple connection. Full support of the key system of the handle makes the experience when using it more optimized.

The Dualshock PS4 and Xbox One S handles give you the best possible experience of compatibility, as well as 360-degree sensitivity and rotation keys instead of just four directions like some other floating handles on the market. . If you are the owner of one of the two game consoles mentioned above and have a handle available, you will be able to share it with your iPhone and iPad soon. Because the interoperability of each game is different, there is a need to play a game to help the game experience better.

About connection

  • On each non-second handle like Dualshock PS4 and XBox One S, press and hold the Bluetooth connection key, the device name will appear in the device to find the Bluetooth device, press select and connect normally like connecting devices Other Bluetooth.
  • Easily disconnect when not in use or want to change the connection via another device.

About use

  • Just connect successfully, on the game that you play, of course the game must have support with the accessory as a handle.
  • The advantage is wireless handle, you can connect the device to an external monitor, or a TV, to be able to sit and play with a better experience.
  • Currently there are not many games that are compatible with the external handle, as well as the handle I am using.
  • Currently Apple is developing the Arcade game store. still not open for sale or game account lease, but very promising that in the future when the official release of IOS 13 and iPadOS, we will be able to experience new game genres, forms of purchase / New game rental, more details you can see here:…on-100-game-tren-ios-mac-va-apple-tv.2933490 /


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