“Planet With” Review

Evaluation 93 points All 12 episodes

Synopsis “I’m on the side of those who want to be on my side. That’s it!” Muneya Kuroi, a high school student who lived peacefully while losing his memory of the past.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Robot anime of justice and love

    1. Maid, cat and chairman
    2. Unidentified flying objects and psychic powers
    3. Commentary
    4. Battle scene
    5. The price of power
    6. Trouble and change
    7. Change of thinking
    8. I want to save
    9. Last battle named Epilogue
  2. General comment: This is a robot anime!

    1. Personal impression: No, it was fun

Robot anime of justice and love

This work is a TV anime original work.
Directed by Yohei Suzuki, produced by JCSTAFF.

Maid, cat and chairman

Image source: Planet With Episode 1
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

There are various mysteries from the first episode. The hero who lives in a house that can never be said to be wealthy,
In such a house, there is a girl in a maid outfit and a teacher in the shape of a “cat.” It doesn’t make sense (laughs)
The OP started without any explanation about the cat like a kigurumi that suddenly appeared.
For character designs and hair colors that make you feel nostalgic
For some reason, I am moved.

When the OP is over, the “Chairman of the glasses” will come out.
It is a work in which a “symbolized character” that is too nostalgic appears.
This work has the atmosphere of anime in the 90’s and 2000’s.
In such an atmosphere, the main character is “memory loss” for some reason.
An unidentified flying object appears, smelling the mystery of why he lost his memory.

There are many various elements. And yet this work doesn’t have that drawback.
Every time various elements come out, I get “excited”.
It is a way of showing straight and a way of showing that sticks with a straight story development.

Unidentified flying objects and psychic powers

Image source: Planet With Episode 1
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

It’s already messed up (laughs)
The design of the unidentified flying object that appeared is a kokeshi doll that says “peace”
It has an overly strange design with ears and multiple hands,
When they are attacked, they receive something like mental pollution and are wrapped in “happiness.”

It is the supernatural powers who suddenly appeared to face such enemies.
How many elements should I add?As much as I think
It feels like eating Jiro’s Mashimashi ramen.
They wore “armor” as if they flew in the sky with their abilities,
Become a robot anime. It’s a ridiculous anime.

However, the hero of amnesia does not defeat the “unidentified flying object”.
He is tasked with defeating the “supernatural powers”.
The hero defeats the supernatural powers who look like human beings, not the side that defeats the enemy who thought it was an enemy.
I don’t really understand the situation at all, and although it’s messed up,
This “festive feeling” is fun and can’t be helped.

I can’t see the story at all, but
By showing the fun because you can’t see it
I can’t help but worry about the continuation.


Image source: Planet With Episode 3
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

He will explain the world view that is completely invisible in two episodes.
Unidentified flying objects are like alien weapons called “nebula”,
Although they were watching the evolution of the Earthlings, they woke up to “supernatural powers”.
It is divided into factions that are trying to seal power and moderate factions that take up the source of that power.

The main character is nourished by such moderate maids and cats,
The protagonist remembers his past and cooperates with them.
Each is fighting with their own “justice” and there is a reason to fight.

Earthlings want to evolve and defeat the enemies that attack them.
The Sealing faction is to seal the evolved Earthlings so that they will not run away and perish.
Moderates take only power and do not seal it.

I often have a pretty serious conversation,
“Kigurumi” are having such a serious conversation with each other.
There is something interesting that doesn’t become loose and serious.

Dig into the character while solving the mystery firmly in each episode
Combined with the skill of pulling to finish every time I’m very worried,
The more I see it, the more I get hooked on this work.

Battle scene

Image source: Planet With Episode 2
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

The battle scene develops very quickly.
There is almost no shooting or striking, and there is a collision between “skill” and “skill”.
The movement of the robot drawn at the speed because it is drawn in 3DCG,
Not only is it fast, but it also creates the lightness that is a drawback of 3DCG.
By coloring it as weight, it is a realistic and profound battle scene.

The main character is smaller than other aircraft.The aircraft with a cat motif
Moves speedily, avoids enemy skills, and is disproportionate to the aircraft from there
Defeat the enemy by making a one-shot deadly attack with “Gigacat Hammer”.
Sometimes by avoiding enemy skills, sometimes by deciding the counter
I’m fighting for a plow.

Unlike ordinary robot anime, it is a “martial arts” way of fighting.

The price of power

Image source: From Planet With Episode 4
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

In the early stages, I don’t understand why the power of “psychic” must be sealed.
However, it is understandable to see their “runaway” appearance in the middle stage.
If you use too much power, you will be drunk by the power of the “dragon” that is the source of their power.
He becomes a dragon himself, loses his ego, and rampages. There is a price to pay for great power,
There are things that try to seal or pick up because there is a price.

What is your power and what are you fighting for?
Only after knowing that, the psychics on the human side
Trying to stop being a psychic.

The story that unfolds speedily without any extra stretching is dizzying.
However, as the mystery is being unraveled, the characters become characters.
The fun of this work is that it changes and grows.

Trouble and change

Image source: Planet With Episode 9
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

Each is fighting for their own “justice”.
Sometimes they struggle with that justice, but they fight for their own justice.
The hero is asked in the middle of the story

“Ask the living Lord. Who is your friend and who is your enemy!”

The liquor throat is attacking the psychics and robbing them of their power,
It’s the same as doing “Nebula”.
As a result, the only difference is whether or not it is sealed and animated.
Deprivation of power is the same for humankind.
The answer is given because it is the hero between humanity and Nebula.

“I’m on the side of the person I want to be on my side, and the enemy of the guy I want to defeat!”

It’s straight. He fights at his will.
Because the straight hero is comfortable and each has a fighting philosophy
The viewer feels emotional to everyone.
The battle of this work is a conflict of “values”.

Everyone is justice, everyone is arrogant, and everyone is evil.
However, I am trying to stick to my “belief”
The clash of skill and skill, belief and belief is hot.
In the middle of the story, this work shows a battle like the final episode of 2 Cool Anime

It contains 6 episodes that would normally take 2 courses.
It’s already 2 cool from episode 7.This work changes the contents of 4 cools to 1 cool
It’s like a compressed work.

Change of thinking

Image source: Planet With Episode 8
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

The protagonist fought against the opponent he should fight against and kept the reason for his fight.
That is why I feel that there is no reason to fight anymore.
He’s a boy from another star, Earth isn’t his star by nature.
He is a boy who has lost everything, only revenge supported him. It’s gone.

Knowing the fear of his own power among the psychics,
Therefore, there are some that are related to the “sealing school”.
Some lose the battle once and try to fight again to protect it.
Knowing the facts creates a change in values, and once again corrects one’s own justice.

Characters that did not have a presence in the early stages will play an active role from the middle stage. It’s a simple development.
However, it burns because of its simplicity. Changes in the values ​​of the characters that appear in this work,
I am convinced by the change in thinking. I love all the characters.
Even if he “really seals the world”, his values ​​cannot be denied.

Still, there are values ​​that collide with it. The main character.
Losing everything and coming to Earth, he was getting something new.
It’s an important thing to notice only after losing it. That is why he fights again.

The selfish values ​​of aliens oppose the selfish values ​​of aliens,
Earthlings also rebel with their own values.

“I’m … on the side of those I want to be on my side! That’s it!”

The lacrimal glands are stimulated by such a royal development that the hero who broke once recovers again.
Even if it’s hard, you have to move forward. I have to take a step.
That is also the theme of this work.
As his hero, the hero is enthusiastic and enthusiastic about such a theme.
Presence is established.

I want to save

Image source: Planet With Episode 10
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

Both the sealed and moderate groups have the same desire to save the earthlings.
If the power evolves and is swallowed as it is, it is better to seal it.
Moderates who try to take power to watch over until they acquire the mind to control power,
Both are correct and both are incorrect. That’s why it’s hot.
The answer can only be found by hitting each other, hitting each other’s skills, and hurting each other.

At first, it’s a collision with a sense of speed.
From there, arm yourself and hit each other in a flashy battle.
It becomes even bigger and changes into a profound collision.
How to connect from a high-speed battle scene to a profound battle scene
It shows off the soul of a robot that is numb.

It makes people who like robot anime feel “I wanted to see this”.
I shed tears in the battle scene full of robot love.
If you like robot anime, please watch episode 10.
It’s a battle scene that can be said so.

A battle between aliens and aliens over humanity. Mankind was just on the sidelines.
However, it was the sword of mankind that changed the course of the battle.
The moderates won because humanity was on the side of the moderates.
Although it is a battle between aliens, it is a choice of humankind.

And to the biggest existence “dragon” who challenges the final battle.

Last battle named Epilogue

Image source: Planet With Episode 11
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

Five years have passed since episode 10. Each is growing in its own position.
The change and influence of the feelings that occurred through the battle was 5 years
It makes you feel by changing the appearance. Each is a relationship that is the result of taking a step forward and approaching each other.

The runaway dragon was once a cosmic people.
It’s been a long time and I’ve been unable to return because of my belief.
It is a bloated existence of loneliness and a sense of justice.
Even in the final episode, the “collision of values” of this work does not change.
Take a step, collide, and walk up. There is no blurring in the theme.

Fight and collaborate with those who once collided to tackle even greater threats.
Because we’ve taken a step forward, because we’ve embraced change
It is “cooperation” because it accepts the values ​​of the other party.
You can’t just stick to justice. Accept the other person, change your perspective,
You have to change your values.

It’s the same for dragons. Don’t blame your opponent, blame your enemies, and fight.
This work, which has been transformed by hitting values, is the final story
Give the answer, “What is justice?”
Forgive the other person with love. It’s justice for the first time.


General comment: This is a robot anime!

Image source: Planet With Episode 10
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

Overall, it was a really, really great piece.
Robot animation that is difficult to draw in the scale of 1 cool
Dare to draw content in 4 cool
This work is completed by pushing it into one cool.
There are no useless scenes or useless characters that cannot be overlooked for a second.

What is drawn in it is the collision of “values”
“What is justice?” If the viewpoint changes,
Justice can be evil if the values ​​are different, and evil can be justice.
The story that has been asked in robot animation that is not poetic justice
This work is one cool and very well drawn.

There is no clear “evil” in this work. Everyone believes in their justice and is clashing.
With each value, we will stick to each other’s justice.
That is why the battle scene burns.
The battle scene drawn in 3DCG is a combination of speed and profoundness.
Especially in the 10th episode, if you like robot anime, you will shed tears.

Each character is also a character, and it never becomes hazy.
Because there is a story, values, and justice for each person
I like every character.
“Look at this story from your favorite angle”
The line in the work is just right for this work.

After watching it, the straightforward word “it was interesting” leaks out.
It’s the best work.

Personal impression: No, it was fun

Image source: Planet With Episode 12
© Satoshi Mizukami / BNA / JC / Planet With Project

It was really honestly interesting. Although it was a little early in the final stage,
Other than that, I don’t really care about it, and it’s fun to see it all at once.
You can feel the pure fun as a robot anime.
Oh, this is a robot anime, I wanted to see this
It’s a work that leaks out of your mouth when you look at it.

After a long time seeing a good “robot anime”,
Perhaps I was soaked in the afterglow, I got sick. (Laughs)
While being careful not to get sick because you are too enthusiastic
Please take a look at this wonderful robot anime.

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