Pixel style adventure RPG “Orange Blood” Orangeblood feature launched

Chinese name: orange blood
English name: Orangeblood
Production Company: Grayfax Software
Publishing company: PLAYISM
Game type: RPG
gaming platform:PC

Game languages: Chinese, English, Japanese
Release Date: 2020-01-14

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game introduction

“Orangeblood” is a pixel style adventure RPG made by Grayfax Software. The background of the game is an overhead history. On a small island in the subtropics, the girls enjoy their wonderful summer during the cruel wars. But all good things are short-lived, and there are still battles waiting for them to fight.

New Koza in 199X

末 The end of the 20th century is history that we do not know at all. An artificial island floating in the waters near Okinawa: Xinhucha, a messy but exotic spot!

The rusty and faded concrete is illuminated by the sun in the morning, and the neon lights at night will show you all aspects of the island.

Best Soundtrack

The smell of subtropical sunlight, the sound of the waves, the smell of gasoline and moist weeds. Heard classic songs of the 1990s that nobody knows about.

Whether you relax on the sofa on the roof, have a drink in the bar, or even get caught up in a gun battle in a dangerous alley, mixing these concerts makes you very excited!

4 super cute female soldiers assembled

Every player will expect each soldier to embark on a difficult adventure and accept the task of tricking out a group of demons! This is also my hobby, but sometimes I want to make something different.

These four cute little girls are so different too

They don’t like the pictures that are popular with the girls …

They would rather play some 7.62x39mm rifles and rob those dirty coins!

Simple and complex turn-based shootout

Simple operations can bring down evil gangsters and killing robots without blinking. In New Koza, randomly generated powerful firearms can be purchased 24 hours a day.

Equipped with new fire-resistant sneakers, coupled with a very powerful shotgun, and combustible gas, you can wipe out criminal groups in one shot!

Game screenshots

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