Pioneer officially confirms new wireless CarPlay head unit starts at $ 700

Tonight, Pioneer has officially confirmed the availability of its aftermarket wireless CarPlay head unit. The company first showed off a prototype version of its wireless CarPlay product at CES, but now three new head units are available for purchase … .

The flagship option here is the new AVIC-W8400N EX, which has a dual D IN design and a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. This model costs $ 1200. The next totem pole is AVIC-W6400N EX, which has a resistive touch screen. However, the screen here is slightly smaller, only 6.2 inches. Its price is $ 800.

Last but not least is the AVH-W4400NEX. Here you are looking at a 7-inch display that also has a resistive touch function. This model sits at the entry level in the wireless CarPlay market and costs $ 700.

An important issue to consider here is the difference between touch screen types. This W4400NEX and W6400N EX may be cheaper, but you have a resistance panel. This means you usually have to press harder because the panel is not designed for your fingers, unlike the capacitive display used in the other two models.

All three new head units are CarPlay and Android compatible automatically and work via wired or wireless connections. For wired connections, you simply plug in your device via a lightning cable.

Pioneer also claims to support Home Kit-enabled devices via Siri and CarPlay.

Ted, Vice President of Pioneer Electronics Ted Cardenas said, “We are excited to expand our NEX series with the latest advancements in smartphone and car-to-home smart home integration.

“With our new wireless connectivity option, you never have to worry about taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket before getting in the car. In addition, if you have a smart home, the new mode enables you to connect your Life gets into the car. With our new device, you can check the status at home or control your smart device while you are on the road, away from the convenience of your car.

Following its prototype debut at CES, Pioneer Electronics announced today that Pioneer’s latest NEX platform implementation, namely the AVIC-W8400N EX, AVIC-W6400N EX, and AVH-W4400N EX inventory receivers, is now available at authorized Pioneer retailers Business purchase. The new model features built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and is specifically designed to support cableless connections between the driver’s or passenger’s smartphone and the receiver. The aftermarket unit is the first option to provide the driver with a wireless connection or a USB connection to Android Auto and AppleCarPlay.

In addition, drivers connected to smart homes can now use any new built-in receiver to control their compatible smart devices from their vehicles, including thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, and more. Google Assistant is now part of Android Auto, which means that Google Assistant compatible devices can now report their status and / or control them directly from the user’s car. Similarly, Apple CarPlay users can use Siri to remotely control their Home Kit accessories from their cars *.

These three new dash receivers are the most distinctive package receivers provided by the third generation national execution model and Pioneer. The recommended retail price of a nationally executed receiver in 2018 is $ 1,200 (AVIC-W8400N EX), $ 800 (AVIC-W6400N EX), and $ 700 (AVH-W4400N EX). You can also download images of the new receiver here. Here is a quote from Ted Cardenas, Vice President of Pioneer Electronics (USA), in case you want to include it in your report.

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