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Pioneer of sports wagon models! HONDA “NC750X” facelift debut

Following the X-ADV, HONDA simultaneously launched the 2021-style NC750X in Europe. The new NC750X is equipped with the same new engine as the X-ADV and also changed the frame. Not only the front and rear suspension strokes are 120mm, but the seat cushion is also reduced. The height makes it a more competent sports wagon.

Equipped with a new engine like X-ADV

HONDA released the 2021 version of the NC750X in Europe. It is equipped with a new engine and improved frame structure like the X-ADV released at the same time, making the NC750X a more competent sports wagon.

First of all, NC750X’s parallel twin-cylinder engine maintains a displacement of 745cc like X-ADV. Not only does it pass the more stringent EURO 5 exhaust emission standard, but the maximum horsepower is also slightly increased to 58.6ps/6750rpm, which produces 500rpm more speed than the current model. , And although the speed generated by the maximum torque is maintained at 4750rpm, the torque data has also risen slightly to 7.04kg-m, and the engine speed red line has increased from 600rpm to 7000rpm, which not only enhances the re-acceleration at high speeds, but also optimizes The torque output at low speed, as for the fuel consumption in WMTC mode, is 28.3km/L.

NC750X benefits from the use of electronically controlled throttle, which allows it to have four power modes to choose from (normal, sport, rain and custom), and the HSTC tracking control system is also adjustable in three stages. As for the shift logic of the new DCT dual-clutch gearbox, it will change as the riding mode is switched to get a more natural feeling.

By changing the structure of the steel frame, the total body weight is reduced by 6kg and the front and rear suspension strokes are also reduced (the front suspension is reduced from 153.5mm to 120mm, and the rear suspension is reduced from 150mm to 120mm), so the seat cushion height is greatly reduced by 30mm Up to 800mm (same as the current sun gauge).

All the light sets of the 2021 NC750X, including headlights, taillights and direction lights, are all made of LED lamps, and the material of the windshield is further strengthened to help create a sharp and radical shape.

Although the instrument panel does not use the same instrument panel as the X-ADV, it also uses a new LCD display panel, and the space for the general car model as the fuel tank has also become a storage space with a capacity of 23L.

▲NC750X was displayed together with the new X-ADV and Africa Twin colors, showing HONDA’s rich family of adventure cars.

HONDA 2021 European standard NC750X details

▲The headlights are all LED light groups, the uppermost lamp will be lit when the low beam is turned on, and all the lights are turned on when the high beam is turned on.

▲The tail light is of course also an LED light group, which leaves a deep impression on the whole.

▲New LCD dashboard

▲General car models are used as fuel tank space and become storage space with a capacity of 23L.

▲Thanks to the reduction of the front and rear suspension stroke to 120mm, the seat cushion height is also reduced by 30mm to 800mm.

▲The fuel tank is hidden under the seat cushion like the current model, and you can refuel after opening the seat cushion.

HONDA 2021 NC750X

Main specifications

Model 2021 style NC750X
Total length x width x height (mm) 2,210×846×1,330mm
Seat height (mm) 800mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1,590mm
Vehicle weight (kg) MT: 214 kg / DCT: 224 kg (equipment weight)
Engine form Water-cooled four-stroke SOHC 4-valve parallel twin-cylinder
Displacement 745cc
Maximum horsepower 58.6ps/6750rpm
Maximum torque 7.04 kg-m/4750rpm
Fuel tank capacity 14.1L
Brake device before φ320mm floating double disc + double piston caliper
Rear φ240mm fixed disc + single piston caliper
Tire size before 120/70ZR17
Rear 160/60ZR17

※European regulations

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