Pioli said that Milan need to know to be satisfied with what has been done.  Photo: AFP.

Pioli: ‘Three months ago Milan dreamed of where he is now’

Disappointed by losing derby with Inter, but coach Stefano Pioli believes the current position is not bad for Milan.

“Milan hasn’t been at their best in the last three games but we know there is more to be done. We are sorry to lose this time but last round’s defeat to Spezia was worse. Today, Milan tried. do my best, “Pioli said DAZN.

Pioli said that Milan need to know to be satisfied with what has been done. Image: AFP.

Meeting Inter was the third consecutive game that Milan did not win, including two consecutive defeats in Serie A. This made Pioli teachers and students slip back in the championship race when their rivals from the same city dropped four points away. In the 1/8 Europa League round in the middle of last week, Milan drew Red Star Belgrade 2-2 in the first leg.

“We are the only team to kick the Europa League play-offs. The team has had a few injuries and some players played too much. That’s normal. We know this will be a difficult season. So, Milan must be satisfied with what they have done, we have just had the worst week of the season, Milan want to reach the next round of the Europa League and then focus again on Serie A, ”said the 55-year-old military leader. “Milan’s strength is balance. We believe in our abilities. A year ago or even three months ago, Milan would be glad if they got where they are now. We were just disappointed because this was the match. derby. But Milan must not forget the path it has been.

Milan 0-3 Inter

Pioli said that Milan did not enter well but deserved a goal at the beginning of the second half, and revealed the reason for replacing Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 25 minutes remaining.

“Milan lacked concentration in the first half and had to pay a heavy price for the first goal. We deserved a goal in the second half. Milan were on target many times but goalkeeper Handanovic made decisive saves. The team has had a tough week but I believe we will be back, “Pioli said. “The performance of a striker depends on the team. In the first half we had a hard time getting the player to reach the Inter penalty area despite the team that created some chances. Ibrahimovic asked to be substituted. due to a cramp. Milan did not want to kick fiercely because they did not want their opponents to have space to create second-hand situations. Inter proved their quality in the second half and it was difficult to get the ball from their feet. .

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