Pigs learned to play video games with their snouts

Researchers have taught pigs to play video games by manipulating a joystick with their snouts. Most interestingly, the pigs quickly understood the relationship between the joystick and what was happening on the screen.

After Neuralink’s monkeys who could play video games with a brain implant, four pigs named Hamlet, Omelette, Ebony and Ivory have meanwhile learned to play video games with their snout. The researchers who organized the experiment wanted to demonstrate that the pigs understood the relationship between their action and what was happening on the screen.

Pigs – Credit: Kenneth Schipper Vera / Unsplash

They obviously didn’t play Bloodborne at 60 FPS on the PS4, but a little game that involved bumping the cursor against walls. For this, the gamer pigs manipulated a joystick like those found on arcade machines.

The pigs continued to play, even without a treat

When the cursor hit a wall, the pig was rewarded with a treat. Most interestingly, however, the animals continued to play even when the feeder broke. They were of course encouraged by the researchers to continue their game. As the BBC reported, study author Dr Candace Croney explained that: “ this type of study is important because, as with all sentient beings, how we interact with pigs and what we do to them has an impact and is important to them ».

Additionally, Dr. Candace Croney has confirmed that the pigs’ actions to manipulate the joystick were not coincidence, but indeed deliberate action. She clarified that all the beasts eventually figured out how to play, although some were better than others. Hamlet was stronger than Omelette whileIvory hit the target 76% of the time. The researchers’ study was published in the academic journal Frontiers in Psychology.

The intelligence of pigs is well known, so it is not really a surprise that they do this kind of experiment. Worcestershire farmer Kate Daniels said “ I don’t think it will surprise anyone who works with pigs “Before adding that” they don’t play Minecraft, but the fact that they can manipulate a situation to get a reward is no surprise at all ».

Source : ComicBook

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