'Pictorial genius' BTS Jimin, show off the charm of boyishness and masculine beauty

‘Pictorial genius’ BTS Jimin, show off the charm of boyishness and masculine beauty

Photo. Fila Instagram

FILA, which BTS is active as a global model, released a new autumn collection pictorial of member Jimin through official SNS on the 13th.

Two pictorials were released with an article titled’New me, new standard, color for new mediocrity Go beyond and over #GOBEYOND’.

In the first pictorial, Jimin’s profile, wearing Fila’s autumn collection, was expressed as a silhouette in a space filled with intense red lighting, and Jimin’s strong aura was felt. Jimin’s appearance, looking at the floor with his hand in his pants pocket, contrasts with the lighting and left a strong impression.

Then, in another pictorial released together, Jimin is full of boyhood. Jimin’s face line, standing sideways and looking in front of the pictorial expressed in black and white, was in perfect harmony. The chin line, which is in perfect harmony with the dark eyebrows, deep and clear eyes, and the thick lip line, was full of boyish beauty different from the previous photo. In particular, Jimin’s eyes, which seemed to be watery, made viewers feel the rich sensibility of autumn and caught the eye.

On the release of Jimin’s pictorial, fans were thrilled with’Jimin’s own aura that can’t be hidden even from the side’,’It’s too classy’,’I think autumn has already come, Jimin’s best brother’,’Jimin’s moist eyes make me cry without knowing’. There is a reaction.

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