Picking up marine waste sorted into impressive works
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Picking up marine waste sorted into impressive works

According to the results of the study, every year globally there are about 8 million tons of plastic discharged into the ocean, equivalent to a minute a dump truck filled with plastic poured into the sea.

When collecting plastic waste on the coast of New York, artist Barry Rosenthal realized that plastic waste such as toys, bottles, wrapping paper … they lasted for a long time and only faded but were difficult to decompose. . Therefore, he decided to create a work inspired by ocean waste to appeal to people to protect the environment, especially the marine ocean environment.

Barry arranged all the waste he collected to create impressive works and take photos. The plastic waste he arranged in the same color or in a certain layout looks very uniform and harmonious.

Here are impressive works from plastic waste on the sea by artist Barry Rosenthal, invite you to admire. Hopefully, after watching these works, each of us will be more aware and work together to reduce pollution of plastic waste.

Works from marine waste 1

Works from marine waste 2

Works from marine waste 3

Works from marine waste 4

Works from marine waste 5

Works from marine waste 6

Works from marine waste 8

Works from marine waste 9

Works from marine waste 7

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