Piaggio launches the latest electric motorbike, not Vespa Elettrica but ... electric tuk-tuk

Piaggio launches the latest electric motorbike, not Vespa Elettrica but … electric tuk-tuk

On December 19, Piaggio officially launched a new model of a very special electric vehicle. Contrary to expectations, Piaggio’s new electric car is not a Vespa electric car with Italian fashion beauty but a classic 3-wheel Piaggio Ape, except that the new Piaggio Ape E-City has a dynamic electromechanical.

Piaggio Ape E-City

Piaggio Ape E-City

The Piaggio Ape E-City is a three-wheeled vehicle, often called a tuk-tuk, with the front body quite similar to a motorbike and the back body like a car because of the rear seats for passengers. The name Ape in Italian means “bee”, Piaggio Ape model is a 3-wheel product of the Italian car brand, has been on the market for more than 70 years. The new version of Piaggio Ape E-City on the other hand will be equipped with electric motors and distributed in the Indian market.

Piaggio Ape E-City

Piaggio Ape E-City

According to Piaggio, the Ape E-City is equipped with a removable battery, which is located on the floor to lower the center of gravity and increase vehicle stability when operating. The battery pack can be easily removed at service stations. The launch of Piaggio Ape E-City aims to provide public transport or commercial vehicles, food transportation or mobile food stalls.

India is the world’s largest motorcycle and motorbike market, so the government has issued new regulations to encourage the use of electric vehicles instead of internal combustion engines, thereby reducing the emissions into the environment. Each electric vehicle sold in the Indian market will receive a preferential tax rate of 5 – 12%.

In the past few years, electric tuk-tuks have become increasingly popular in India, especially for commercial vehicles. Even big brands like Ikea have followed the trend, using electric tuk-tuks as delivery vehicles for customers.

Earlier, Piaggio announced a high-end electric car Vespa Elettrica with many modern equipment such as electric motor capacity of 5.4 horsepower, maximum torque of 200 Nm; The meter is a large-sized electronic screen with Ride-to-Rider connection technology, allowing users to control and monitor the vehicle’s operation through the smartphone app.



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