Physical activities during pregnancy

Physical activities during pregnancy

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The practice of sports and physical activities in general it is not prohibited During the pregnancy. Before, however, the pregnant woman should consult her doctor to see what is the best exercise for her and also the intensity with which it should be practiced.

  • Benefits of physical activity in pregnancy

  • Sports recommended during pregnancy

  • Sports not recommended during pregnancy

  • Twin pregnancy

Benefits of physical activity in pregnancy

Physical activity can bring several benefits to the pregnant woman. It allows exercise your muscles and keep fit, decreasing the risk of excessive weight gain. It can also provide leisure, helping to relax, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, helps to promote healthy eating and strengthen the pelvic floor and the perineum, very useful during labor. Pregnant women should warm up well before training. More intense activities and participation in competitions should be avoided.

Sports recommended during pregnancy

Some exercises are recommended during pregnancy, as they bring the benefits mentioned above. Among them are moderate walks or runs (if the woman is used to doing this), push-ups, gymnastics (with professional monitoring), exercise on the stationary bike, swimming and water aerobics, the last two avoiding dives.

Sports not recommended during pregnancy

Sports and physical activities make a big impact and bring risks of accidents are not recommended during pregnancy. Among them, skiing, cycling, martial arts, horseback riding, diving. In general, sports that require high endurance and strenuous ones should be avoided.

Twin pregnancy

If you are pregnant with twins, you should, as far as possible, avoid sports. If, when practicing, you are very tired or experience contractions and bleeding, stop exercising immediately and seek medical assistance. Especially in early pregnancy, strenuous exercise is not recommended.

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