Photoshop Trends: Top 5 Visual Design Trends on Photoshop

Photoshop Trends: Top 5 Visual Design Trends on Photoshop

Looking for some more design inspiration? Here are some of the biggest trends you’re likely to see in Photoshop in 2021.

1. Risograph/Halftone


Perfect for creating a vintage feel, Risograph and Halftone effects are a prominent Photoshop trend this year. Identity Effect – Halftone Effect creates an image using small dots of different sizes and gaps to simulate different colors. It is a common printing method used to print photographs with colors such as tones in newspapers. It creates a very specific look that everyone will recognize.

2. Glitch Effect


The glitch effect gives a very psychedelic, cool feeling and it is being loved by many young people. This style is very suitable to give the design a strange, strange feeling with the details in the image being distorted, disordered and sometimes very chaotic.

Glitch effect is popular on social networks, it is present everywhere from photography to the world of graphic design.

3. Double Exposure


Double Exposure is a technique where two overlapping images create an interesting and unique effect. It is often referred to as the double exposure effect.

The photo effect of this technique gives an artistic and abstract feel. It is used a lot for portrait and nature images.

4. Duotone


A technique once used in older printers, the duotone trend is making a comeback and shaking up the modern graphic design landscape. Duotone, which comes in two opposing colors, is perfect for creating a hard-to-see image and creating dramatic distinctions between design elements.

5. Text Masking


The technique of creating a mask for text is used by many people, it helps your typeface become more prominent and less boring. This method helps to embellish the letters, you should use bold typefaces to achieve this style.

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