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Photos of the offline headset true wireless this morning, inviting gaming to win Jabra Elite headphones 65t

[Chia sẻ cảm nhận] Bose SoundSport Free, Jabra Elite 65t and HiFiMan TWS600

Hi brother, I stopped by Coffee in the morning to attend the True Wireless headset. And now I have a little feeling that I want to share with you about these 3 headsets, why are these 3 children simply feeling 3 children? the last part will be clear.

The first is the TWS600, which has just been released and has a great promotion : D Give me another earpiece that is nearly equal to price, but I don't hear anything. On the surface this child doesn't look like it, it doesn't look so subtle! I heard this kid after pairing with the iP X, I played Animals – Maroon 5 turned on me, "Oh, so weird" I added a little more listening but I couldn't hear it : D Because this child is "dry" too, confirmed not my gu!

Come on! Another sword! Look on the table to see Jabra Elite 65t, always play! The surface is small, the plastic is rough on the chin. Open the case, see if it drops the headset because it doesn't have a magnet like SoundSport Free or Apple Airpods. I paired with iP 7+, opened Spotify to find the song "Need a Song of Love" – ​​Tien Tien ft Page (this song I often listen to by LG G7 + B&O headset attached to LG), the reason I chose is the first part The intro has a bass section (Bass) that is short and the bass beat is also very good. With me 65t, the bass also has, but not sure that a loss compared to my wired headphones, listening to all the songs is ok, not "critical" but not to be removed (not "criticized"). probably because I like the sound much and go deeper. I only have 1 lesson, to get another one to test again, I take off my ear, so it is so that my sister slipped from my ear and flew down to the table and landed painfully (Sorry BTC :( ), remind you when you first wear her, you should be careful, because she is also round and easy to slip.

Looking over, looking back at those who want to try like Sony SP700 or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless all have "on the ears" already! On the table, Bose SoundSport Free, stop playing? Get the LG G7 to pair together, this one is easy to pair with, in the traditional way, pressing and holding the power button for a while is there a little sister saying it's ready to pair, then pressing the pair on the smartphone! I wish it had an NFC connection, touching it is done, for a simple life : D. Open trial settings on G7, see the recognition of the bluetooth codec is AAC, this figure does not seem to have AptX!

Still the song Need A Love Song – Fairytale ft to compare me 65t see where Bose is better than losing! Then the intro that "bassinet" in this article is Bose is stronger than 65t, Tien Tien's voice and Trang also performed well. Seeing this quiet girl, playing the lesson again, this time is No Gio Then – Truong Vu, Nhu Quynh : D , with this lesson, the first part of Bose shows a good detail of the instrument in the lesson, such as the sound of a guitar or creaking sound, … Truong Vu and Nhu Quynh voices are also shown well, with details. Confirm that this is better than 65t : D that's also true! Bose, more is 65t higher than me (over 5 million). Speaking more about the feeling of wearing this sister, I don't feel very comfortable, because the housing of the headphones is raised quite high compared to my ears, it feels like it's about to drop : D I have not tried to jump up to see if it falls? : D In addition, the rubber on the housing is quite leprous, my baby's chin on it is peeled off, you notice when sweat sticks to you!

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When I finished Bose, I just went to look for another sister to test, the mod said to sit and listen to 2 mods, share it a little, then go back to the next test! Whoever thought of sharing, the headphones were completely erased : D what a pity! And Sony SP700 or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, RHA True Connect has not been tried!

Above is a shared article according to my personal feelings, please refer to it for fun. But to decide which money to buy for you, you should go to the store and bring all True Wireless children to the 77 49 test to know what you like! : D Because music is a basic feeling, but each person has a different feeling, so not only reading, but listening, feeling and then making the following decision.

Thank you for reading here! Ahh! It is expected that there will be another session when the Sony WF-1000XM3 returns to Vietnam. See you again! Thanks! Delicate this offline event!


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