Photo Retoucher 'transforms' real-life animals into cubes in Minecraft 3 minutes to read

Photo Retoucher ‘transforms’ real-life animals into cubes in Minecraft 3 minutes to read

Photo manipulation ideas can come from anywhere.

For Aditya AryantoThe inspiration comes from an incredibly popular video game called Minecraft, in which players build everything from textured cubes in an ever-expanding 3D world.

Similarly, his series of images also have a name Minecraft in Real Life (Real-life Minecraft) or Anicube, a collection of wild animals being captured in the same block format, something you would normally see in games.

Aryanto used public domain pictures of various creatures such as cats, polar bears and tigers, and began modifying them to have a square body, hard tongue and square snout.

The real-life Minecraft animals of Aryanto both strange and attractive. They take up a place in the strange valley and look very real, but something still isn’t enough. These creatures evoke a feeling of outrage when you see them in a non-cubic landscape. But in spite of this annoyance, this is incredibly appealing – and certainly incredibly interesting – to imagine the virtual world off-screen and the wild nature.

So Aryanto How did you create this set of photos? If you are familiar with Photoshop, that will be easier than you think. He used the Liquify feature in the program to stretch and compress the former soft forms into hard anicubes. What are you waiting for without taking advantage of “playing with” a little bit!

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: mymodernmet

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