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Phone screen: Run ahead to introduce and then postpone the launch date

The race, or in the words of large corporations, the revolutionary screen phone revolution has encountered obstacles in the past, making one of the fever in late 2018 and early 2019 now almost deceived. aside for new products launched. Once upon a time, everyone was looking forward to this revolution with the promise of increasing the screen area for a device that fits in the palm. At that time, designing smartphones was reaching saturation point, with rabbit ears, elephant ears, water drops …

Samsung and Huawei introduced Galaxy Fold and Mate X, respectively, with the ambition of demonstrating the flexible screen that can change the current smartphone market. But instead of changing, both Samsung and Huawei are having trouble with their products.

After both Galaxy Fold and Mate X had to postpone the launch date, never knowing when it was officially sold, both Samsung and Huawei understood that their next step would be the most important move, deciding the future. of folding screen phone. If it goes in the right direction, other firms will have to follow, and if they are wrong, Samsung and Huawei themselves will harm the launch plans of other companies' phones.

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Bringing in the advantages of a futuristic device, but the Mate X itself costs $ 2,600 or $ 1,980 Fold Galaxy is in danger of turning the eagerness to wait for the phone to fold into frustration in the community. My favorite technology products. After the test phones sent to technology reviewers to roll over and crash the screen, Samsung had to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold indefinitely. Huawei does not encounter bad scandal like Samsung, but must also postpone the launch date of Mate X to "upgrade the screen". Chinese corporations absolutely do not want their device to have the same problem as the opponent's device.

And so, the leader and second place in the world smartphone market is facing difficulties. The entire technology village is eyeing their most moving movements. If Samsung cancels the Galaxy Fold launch, similar to Huawei and Mate X, others will be reluctant to follow the trend. To the two largest firms can not do it, what other firms must risk?

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Galaxy Fold should have been sold on April 26, and Mate X is expected to sell this month. But now I see on Tinhte no brothers mentioned about these two products anymore. Both companies declined to comment on their products when Cnet offered an interview.

Screen technology is not yet ripe

From the beginning, technology analysts have raised concerns that the Galaxy Fold and Mate X's flexible screen technology could become a problem, when not everyone wants to spend less than 2 thousand dollars buying an electric one. The phone has a screen that is easier to scratch than smartphones 3 to 4 times cheaper. The only solution for a folding phone is to study screen technology with a curved glass surface, and in a few years they will be applicable.

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Late last year, Corning introduced a glass that could bend, but it was still being developed. Although thin and brittle than Gorilla, Corning's glass is more durable than many of the Galaxy Fold's screen films. In addition, the plastic flexible screen also creates a "wrinkle" in the hinge where the machine is folded. After several hundred thousand times opened, the screen will be physically affected. You might think a few hundred thousand is a lot, but figuring out a few dozen to several hundred times a day, after a few years of using it, surely expensive folding phones will break the screen this way. Different ways. It is if lucky, but if you are as black as Samsung, the screen is black when used.

If Galaxy Fold folds in, the outer layer of Corning Gorilla's plastic and glass cover has been protected, then the Mate X with flexible screen outside the body will be even more worrying.

What about America's ban on Huawei affecting Mate X?

Some people wonder if the US embargo against Huawei could cause Mate X to be delayed indefinitely. First, Huawei is being used by many US corporations, companies that provide hardware, software, and service solutions, from Qualcomm to Google, from which the production line for the Mate X will inevitably be affect.

Although Mate X was announced by Huawei before President Trump signed a decree to put Huawei in the "black list", the products were not officially sold, so it is unclear how this decree affects the product. Huawei's folding screen smartphone. Currently Huawei and Google are still discussing steps to see if it will continue to support the Android OS for Chinese corporate smartphone products.

Please stay calm

This time is too early to confirm that the trend of folding smartphone has died since its inception. Both Samsung and Huawei are updating their products to make them more durable, more satisfactory. Google has also announced support for folding displays, meaning that app developers are also updating their products to best support devices with extended screens. The fact that corporations spend tens of millions of dollars on product development means they accept long-term betting on this new trend.

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Other corporations are also planning, from Apple, LG, TCL to Oppo, or the upcoming Moto Razr. Apple will often wait for a few years to review the situation and give it a chance to produce a product that offers the most complete experience, just like they do with AirPods and Apple Watch.

The first folding smartphone is usually the test of the company, specifying advantages and disadvantages in the daily use process to create the most perfect product. That's what is going on, and calmly considering the trend will help folding smartphone smartphones get the best quality.


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