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Phone range from 12-15 million hours is very good, sometimes you don't need to buy expensive flagship

I now use Galaxy A80, Mi 9, Mi Mix 3, last year I used Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and some others at a price of 12-15 million, these are not high-end smartphones but they all work Very good function, the machine runs smoothly, full features, beautiful design, perfect quality. I suddenly had the thought that maybe now we buy high-end mid-range machines is a better decision.

Designed and completed no less than high-end machines

The most recent one I use is the Galaxy A80, in terms of design it is no less than the high-end brother Galaxy S10, even more beautiful because its screen is not cut open. Looking from before, Galaxy A80 is an extremely sexy mobile device with thin edges, metal build and everything you require in a high-end phone. Holding it on hand is also as good as holding the Galaxy S10, everything is made solid, holding a sleek, luxurious dress.

Similar to Mi 9, its build is not as good as the iPhone or Galaxy S10 but still at a very good level, held, used like. These factors are extremely important to me because a phone that picks up the dirt and creaks is no longer interested in using it, let alone say it every day.

Mi 9 or Galaxy A80 shows that the high-end models are now very good and not inferior to the good machines in appearance. Previously, looks were things that made us buy machines over 16 million. but now that advantage is no longer unique to the flagship.

Good performance

Galaxy A80 uses Snapdragon 730 chip, runs smoothly, it does all the applications I install. Likewise, Mi 9 or Pocophone F1 or even Mi 9 SE will make everything you use every day. Performance has little difference compared to high-end phones. When used for a long time, there may be differences, but not to the point of making you uncomfortable.

Having this is because Android has continuously upgraded, optimized to be able to run smoothly on low-cost phones, and chip makers such as Qualcomm, Samsung also actively adjust Snapdragon, Exynos to Snapdragon lines. 6xx, 7xx also have high performance asymptotic to 8xx series. I used many phones running Snapdragon 660 and 730 chips, they really left a good impression on me.

That is not to mention the functions such as unlock by fingerprint sensor, camera flip, face recognition … also enough. Using it may be a bit slower, but still reasonable and usable, not the equipment.

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Camera is not inferior to features

Dual cameras, even 3 cameras, capturing fonts, pre-capturing focus, applying dynamic filters, attaching AR stickers … are features that you can find on 10- series phones. 15 million, it's not something that is expensive for expensive phones. This is one thing that I consider very positive for the smartphone market in the last 3 years. If you have less money, you still have a chance to experience a nice camera, not to stand still, like Android in the middle of 5-7 years ago.

Of course this is only in terms of features, but in terms of image quality, expensive high-end machines are still one rank higher than average. Photos with higher color accuracy, better night shooting, greater detail, better handling of HDR images of light – dark … are things you can expect when buying high-end ones like Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone XS Max. Allowing 12-15 million machines to do that would require more time.

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Battery life

The batteries of high-end and high-end midrange machines are now on par with the flagship, even better battery life because they use a lower configuration. Many machines of 12-15 million hours are also equipped with full fast charging.


There are fewer and fewer reasons for us to spend too much money to buy flagship phones, unless you like the iPhone, there is no other option. If you like Android, now on the market there are many good products that you can pass through when you need to upgrade your phone.

Of course, if you have a lot of money, feel free to buy the first ones for you : D

Duy Luân

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