Phone products of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong officially sold in Myanmar - VnReview

Phone products of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong officially sold in Myanmar – VnReview

On May 29, 2019, VinSmart Company officially announced the launch of Vsmart brand and product in Myanmar. The introduction of Vietnamese technology products to conquer the Asian market continues to affirm the desire to bring Vietnamese brands to the world.

Phone products of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong officially sold in Myanmar.

Partner of Vsmart products is Strong Source Company. Accordingly, Vsmart products will be distributed through nearly 1,500 stores of No. 1 multi-sector consumer electronics and business retailers in Myanmar. Through Strong Source, Vsmart also cooperates with 2 big retailers (direct and online distribution) in Myanmar, Mytel (Viettel) and (Alibaba).

In phase 1, Vsmart will distribute 4 smart phones in Myanmar market including Joy1, Joy1 +, Active 1 and Active 1+.

In particular, Active 1+ is the most advanced model of Vsmart at the present time, with 3 colors: green, black and rose gold. Active 1+ has a metal frame, rabbit ears and screen, equipped with SnapDragon 660 chip, 6GB RAM. It has a 24MP selfie camera and dual camera 12MP fonts, using AI technology should achieve high image quality even in low light conditions. Joy 1+ is designed with fake plastic glass, rabbit ear monitor, Snapdragon 430 chip, 3GB RAM. The machine has 2 colors of cobalt blue, black. In particular, Joy 1+ has 4000mAh battery capacity – the model has the longest battery in the series.

Mr. Soe Naing, Chairman and CEO of Strong Source Group said: "We are very proud to become the exclusive distribution partner for Vsmart brand in Myanmar market. With many years of experience in distribution field. Electronic consumer goods, Strong Source believes that they can accompany Vsmart to gain consumers' choice and trust ".

To conquer customers as well as fierce competition in Myanmar and international markets, Vsmart products must pass nearly 2,500 standard tests (including hardware tests, mechanical tests and software tests). ) at the laboratory of BQ (Spain) and Vsmart factory. In addition, the phones are tested in the laboratories of Qualcomm, the world's best performing semiconductor chip provider.

The equipment and machinery of Vsmart are the most advanced. In which, there are 3 fully automatic parts welding lines using the latest technology of the US, Germany, Singapore, 3 circuit test lines with measuring devices of Rohde & Schwarz (Germany); Qualcomm (USA) software and 6 finished product assembly lines. All meet the highest standards in industrial production of the world.

By owning thousands of engineers in Spain and Vietnam, with the same advantage in manufacturing equipment with security technology, Vsmart is one of the few manufacturers controlling all phases of production. design, development and production of equipment.

Speaking about the event, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong, Deputy General Director of VinSmart said: "Myanmar market is a potential market with a strong growth rate of consumer technology products in recent years. Therefore, many other phone brands have quickly entered and fierce competition. However, we believe in the foundation of technology development, human resources and especially the support of major distribution partners such as Strong Source, Mytel,, Vsmart will become the Top brand. Top smartphone brands are favored in Myanmar market ".

Last time Vingroup continuously took steps to the international market. Specifically, in July 2018, VinFast Company completed the opening of an office in Frankfurt, Germany. In early March 2019, Vingroup announced the construction of a global VinTech network with its first headquarters in Daegu, South Korea.

Especially, on March 20, Vsmart also put the first step to the European market through a distributor named MediaMarkt Company. With the next presence in Myanmar, Vingroup has affirmed its global vision, the ability to deploy speed and aspiration to become a world-class Technology Group in the next 10 years. Expected in 2019, Vsmart will continue to be present in the markets of India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

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